Brian Sipe is leading His way

December 31, 2012

Brian Sipe never had a reason to go to Florida. Born in California and raised in Oregon, all his friends and family resided on the west coast.

“I never even thought about attending Florida College,” he said. “But my experience at my local community college was not turning out to be what I expected. After a summer of a lot of thinking and praying, I decided to go.”

Brian described his first year as a success, but not one without its challenges.

“It’s easy to get homesick 3,000 miles from home in an unfamiliar place,” he recalled. “It was an adjustment knowing that I couldn’t pack up and spend a weekend back home. In many ways, it felt like I was starting over.”

Brian’s perspective quickly shifted from being forced to “start over” to a chance at a fresh beginning. A natural extrovert, he had no trouble meeting people, and in only a few weeks found himself surrounded by many who would become some of his closest friends for the next two years.

“In a way, they were already family. The bonds people make here are based on our common bond as Jesus being our Savior.”

This year he serves as a society officer for Omega, an admissions counselor and tour guide, and is a member of the Sowers Club, an on-campus organization for aspiring leaders. Off campus, he has utilized his interest as a part-time preacher for local congregations, a calling he hopes to pursue full-time.

Brian will graduate in the spring of 2014 with a double major in Biblical Studies and Communication. “I would love to go back to Oregon and preach,” he said. “But I know there is work needed all over this country and the world. I’ve learned that for the Christian, being a leader is about following Jesus. I don’t know where I’ll end up next, but I do know that following and trusting in Him is going to be key.”

That’s how Brian is leading His way.