Breona Blanton is learning His way

November 1, 2011

Breona Blanton had no doubt where she was headed after graduation. The University of Arizona was calling her name.

“I wanted to go to a university, because I thought ‘That’s where the smart people go’,” she said. “That’s where you have to go for challenging classes and to get ahead.”

But, at her aunt’s request, she agreed to fly down for a last-minute campus tour at Florida College. Breona was skeptical—until she arrived.

“I just fell in love with FC,” she says.

A quick, unplanned conversation with President Buddy Payne sealed the deal. When she and her aunt just stopped by his office to ask questions, Payne dropped everything to chat.

“He made time to talk to me,” she said. “And told me how he went to Harvard, but still chose to come to FC first—and how he glad he was that he did.”

Now, Breona is a model of Florida College involvement: cheerleader, active in Omega and Circle K, and part of a diverse group of friends that’s been growing from day one.

“I’d hang out with one person and that person would have me meet another person and another person,” she says. “You can’t really be here and not know at least fifty people.”

And Breona is certain that the fun she’s having and friends she’s making are due to the spiritually focused social environment at Florida College.

“If I was still in Arizona, I would not be involved at all. I would want to be, but a lot of the students are just there to party and I just can’t surround myself with that.”

Of course, Breona’s taking school seriously, too, as a business major.

“I like saving money and thinking outside the box,” she says. “I like how business changes every day, learning why people buy things, and how businesses got where they are.”

One day, she might be a financial advisor—or an entrepreneur with her own greeting card business (“like Hallmark but better,” she says with a laugh). But however her future shakes out, she is so glad she picked Florida College first.

“I had such high hopes for UA, but looking back, I know those hopes wouldn’t have been met,” she says. “I really can’t think of a better place to go to college than FC.”

That’s how Breona Blanton is learning His way.