Becca Roberts is learning His way

February 25, 2011

“Music kind of eats your life,” says junior Becca Roberts. From her perspective, though, that’s a good thing.

Becca came to Florida College from Bedford, Texas (she admits to missing the seasons). In junior high she joined band, and has been in love with music ever since. She resisted the idea of going to FC while in high school, but had a revelatory moment when she realized that she didn’t want the makeup of her college peers to be like those at her high school. She turned her thoughts to FC, and upon discovering that the school had a music program, the decision to come was settled.

Her life is “eaten” by involvement in regular music classes, voice lessons, chorus, chamber ensemble, jazz ensemble, CMENC, and the yearly musicals. She’s also active in her society, Psi Beta Gamma. When she does have a little time for relaxing, she likes to go shopping with her sister, Sara, a freshman.

Once armed with her music degree, Becca hopes to teach elementary school music—ideally back in Texas. “I think starting little kids in a classroom with godly values is really important,” she says. “Music can be very worldly, but it can also be a really great tool to glorify God. I think teaching kids to love music and appreciate it is important.”

Becca speaks from experience. Music has been an “all the time” thing for as long as she can remember. “You form your set of friends from your music ensembles,” she says. “Some of the moments where I’ve felt closest to God have been times where I was praising Him in song, or hymn lyrics that pushed me to be better or to appreciate something God has done for me. There’s just a lot that can be said in music that you can’t express anywhere else.”

Becca lauds the noncompetitive encouragement among music students at Florida College, and the deep friendships she has made. She values the care and guidance she’s received from her music professors, who make sure she is exercising and eating well, and who have pushed her past the limitations of her severe allergies. That environment of encouragement, fostering selfless acts, is just one of many ways that Becca is learning His way.