Becca Ellis is learning His way

February 29, 2012

For most students, college is a time of growth, development, and positive change. And according to Becca Ellis, the evolution from freshman to senior has changed her life.

As a focused freshman, Becca came to Florida College with a plan: stay for a couple of years, transfer, complete a degree in education, and become a teacher. And she was admittedly frustrated with anything that might stand in the way of the plan.

“I probably came into FC with a lot less patience,” she says. “Adults have really influenced me in very good ways, taught me to take time out and get some perspective.”

Now, as a senior, she’s changed—changed her major, changed her career goals, and most importantly, become a calmer and more patient person.

“In general, we’re going through such a life-changing time, undergoing changes that we’ll never go through again. I’ve already changed the way I looked at things growing up, gaining wisdom from people around me.”

First, it was a change of major. She discovered an unexpected interest in business, which was fueled by the positive encouragement of her teachers and peers.

“They had nothing but good things to say about [the business program],” she says. “Just glowing recommendations.”

Then came a shift in her career path. Her business courses and interaction with professors and administrators at Florida College opened her eyes to a whole new side of education.

“The administration side of it will let me get my hands into the education side of business,” she says. “And I love being in contact with other people, whether adults coming back to school or kids coming in.”

But Florida College has also helped Becca stretch and mature personally.

“Florida College helped me figure myself out,” she says. “It made me grow up a little bit and gel over the things I hadn’t quite figured out before.”

It’s the people, Becca says, that have helped her flourish and progress into the person she really wanted to be.

“I can name off five or six individuals that have greatly impacted my life—and those people keep coming in, year after year. These people have gotten me ready in ways I can’t even begin to describe.”

Most notably, Becca has become more patient, more flexible, and generally more comfortable with the wrenches that sometimes change our plans

“Naturally, plans can change. You have to give them room to do that,” she says. “I’ve gained a lot more patience. It lets me step back and look at things. Take the information, stop and look at it. And it has really affected all aspects of my life. This place has been such a big part of who I am now.”

That’s how Becca Ellis is Learning His Way.