Beau Kirkwood is leading His way

August 1, 2012

From maintaining a solid 3.8 GPA to standing out in show choir to quarterbacking his Texas high school’s football team, Beau Kirkwood was always in the position to lead.

His academic achievements presented him with multiple scholarship opportunities, and his astute quarterbacking skills peaked the interest of NCAA recruiters. Wherever Beau decided to go in college, it appeared that his future would be bright.

But the summer after his senior year broadened his options. In his final year at Louisiana’s Florida College camp, he became a Christian and decided shortly after to take his first trip to Temple Terrace to tour the campus.

Weeks later he arrived again, this time eager to begin his first semester at Florida College. “My original plan was to play football at the next level,” he said. “I never even considered coming to Florida College, but I’m glad I did.”

Here, Beau easily translated his high school achievements to the collegiate atmosphere. Most importantly, he learned—or rather, relearned—the concept of leadership.

“In high school, I was in plenty of positions to lead,” he said. “But I had an incorrect idea of what leadership truly is. I’ve recently discovered that for a Christian, leading is more about following.”

Beau cites I Peter 2:21–25, which calls Christ our chief example, as a source of inspiration and conviction. Beau has since continued in his high school talents under this assumption, and exercised his refreshed outlook on leadership in society sports, where he relived his quarterbacking glory days. He also has contributed two years in the College’s performance group, Friends, where he is a lead singer, multi-instrumentalist and a pattern for first-year vocalists.

As Beau enters his junior year, he plans to incorporate his academic rigor and newfound interest in leadership into the medical field.

After completing his Associate’s degree, he decided to follow in the footsteps of his father, a private practice physician, and enrolled in Florida College’s flourishing Pre-Med program.

“I realize now that example is key in any type of leadership. If anyone wants to correctly lead in anything, he must be a follower of Christ’s example,” Beau said. “Wherever I am and whatever I’m doing, I know I need to be that kind of a leader.”

That’s how Beau is leading His way.