Austin Parimore is living His way

February 1, 2012

Junior Austin Parimore has had a bit of a different Florida College experience. He grew up in Temple Terrace, attended the Florida College Academy from pre-school through eighth grade and spent plenty of time on the College’s campus too—especially in Conn gymnasium. His mom Donna is, after all, Florida College’s award-winning volleyball coach.

So, when the time came to head the few miles down the road from home to college, Austin knew how it all worked before he ever got there—but he still couldn’t help but look forward to it.

“I was always looking forward to the next level,” he says. “Obviously, I wasn’t really homesick being two minutes down the road, but it was still comfortable.”

And Austin has gotten what he expected: even more friends than he had when he arrived, teachers who “bend over backwards” for students who really try, and even the chance to make game-winning shots in both basketball and soccer.

The athletic experience at Florida College has even been life-changing for Austin—perhaps more than he expected.

“Getting to know these guys over the past couple of years has really helped in all areas of my life,” he says. “And I don’t have to worry about language, or being criticized for my faith, or missing church for practice.”

Of course, every player on every team—and every student at Florida College—does not necessarily share beliefs. But Austin says that even his teammates from different backgrounds fit in.

“They really get it. Even if they don’t share my faith, they are really respectful.”

It’s the campus-wide friendliness and welcoming attitude that seems to foster this close relationship between students from all walks of life—and promote spirituality in students that may not have a church-going background.

“It’s nice going across campus and saying hello to fifty people and stopping and having a minute or two conversation with everyone,” says Austin. “You really get to know everyone that way.”

So for Austin, the environment at Florida College has been just what he expected, but also just what he needed—even if it was just down the road from home. And he would encourage every high school student, local or not, to give FC a try.

“You don’t really experience it until you are here, living in the dorms. Even if you think you know exactly what FC has to offer, give it a shot.”

That’ s how Austin Parimore is Living His Way.