Austin Kercheville is learning His way

December 1, 2013


For Austin Kercheville, the decision to enroll in Florida College was not a difficult one. His three older brothers attended, and the trip to Temple Terrace was always something he had been planning.

What wasn’t planned was the decision he would face two years later.

A 4.0 student in high school, Austin had no trouble transitioning to his collegiate classes, but still relished the challenge presented by his professors.

“They’re extremely challenging,” he said of his professors. “They have taught me the best way to excel is to learn for the sake of knowledge rather than just trying to get good grades.”

Nevertheless, Austin’s grades proved to be exceptional, and during his sophomore year he served as president of the Phi Theta Kappa honors society. He was subsequently nominated to the All-Florida Academic Team, and was among the 30 to be named to the All-Florida First Team.

The achievement caught the eye of many other colleges, and Austin soon found himself faced with a difficult decision.

“My decision to attend Florida College wasn’t as hard as my decision to stay,” said Kercheville, referring to the many transfer invitations he had begun to receive toward the end of his sophomore year.

His deciding factor?

“For me, it was being around Christians and learning from Christian professors,” he said. “Mr. Chandler, my biology teacher, is also the preacher where I attend services.”

A liberal studies major on a pre-med course track, Austin aspires to enter the field of physical therapy, and looks forward to graduating a semester early before entering medical school.

For Austin, choosing to stay meant choosing to continue his pursuit of knowledge, a pursuit he believes is unique at Florida College.

“I’ve learned biblical principles alongside scientific principles, which has been invaluable to me.”

That’s how Austin is learning His Way.