Andrew Gass is leading His way

December 31, 2011

Sophomore Andrew Gass comes from a long line of construction workers. His grandfather worked in the construction industry, and so did his dad. “We’re fifth generation construction,” he says.

So, what’s Andrew’s plan? He is a double major in Business and Biblical Studies and has a very specific career goal—to work for Florida College.

Andrew’s break from family tradition began when his parents hired a college counselor to help him sort through his options. As they sifted through brochures for big engineering schools and military academies like West Point, the counselor noticed that Andrew continued to include Florida College in his top list of elite schools. Deep down, Florida College was Andrew’s first choice.

“The counselor finally just asked me, ‘So, why are you looking at these schools when you already know where you want to go’?” says Andrew.

Florida College hadn’t always been Andrew’s college goal. He grew up in an area where the College had little influence until recent years, and he battled against negative influences from high school that made it hard to put spiritual things first. But FC “showed me what was missing,” he says.

“There just aren’t [other] colleges like this, that are specifically tailored to you, and that have a social atmosphere that is so becoming to a young Christian,” he says.

Now, Andrew is working toward the two bachelor’s degrees that he hopes will best prepare him to work for the school that has changed him so personally. Ultimately, Andrew hopes to reach prospective students in an administrative role, and reach current students as a Biblical Studies professor.

“Florida College focuses on growing young people in the important aspects of life. All these things interconnect and your college experience should be about growing your whole person,” he says. “If I can offer that experience to other people, I honestly think that is a very noble cause.”

And he’s already getting a lot of practice—as an admissions intern, camp friend, alpha club member, and academic ambassador. Andrew wants to be living proof that Florida College offers every student the chance to grow and improve.

“You can’t become this person when you are one of 40,000,” he says. “That’s really why I’ve thrown myself into so many things. I can shape myself and show people what really is possible when you come to Florida College.”

That’s how Andrew Gass is leading His way.