Amanda Schaefer is leading His way

October 12, 2011

In the textbook for her business psychology class, Amanda Schaefer’s eyes always go to the small box in each chapter that spotlights a different culture. Signs like that make her think that a future in international business might be tugging at her sleeve.

Amanda, a senior in Florida College’s Business Administration program, has reason to set her sights overseas. She lived in Ireland with her family for two years when she was younger, and her mother traveled abroad regularly through her work in the pharmaceutical industry. Among other places, Amanda has been to Egypt, Israel, France, and Germany. When she visited Ireland a few years ago, it felt like going home.

“I would love to travel the world,” she says. “Other cultures just really interest me, and how business is done so differently in other countries.”

How that might play out is still a mystery. Amanda can see herself working with a publishing company—the manifestation of a lifelong fascination with reading and writing. (She is currently ensconced in a thousand-page science fiction novel—an “embarrassing activity” that she admits to with a laugh.)

Through her recent internship with the non-profit organization Family First—planning events and doing website work—she also feels the tug of working in the non-profit sector. “I really want to use my talents to serve others,” she says. “Ever since I was young, I’ve just wanted to help people who can’t help themselves. Christ was a servant, and hopefully I can imitate Him in that aspect.”

She would also hope to represent Christ working in foreign countries, many of which are largely devoid of His influence. “I want to show that I have a joy within me that has nothing to do with my possessions or my status,” she says. “Hopefully I can really display that and people will wonder, ‘Why is she like that all the time?’”

As an intern and a student, Amanda Schaefer is actively making plans for a future of leading His way.