Alison Bonner is living His way

December 13, 2010

For someone pursuing a career in business, Alison Bonner has quite the variety of playful interests.

Alison, a junior from Dumas, Texas, is a member of the Lady Falcons team that recently took home the 2010 USCAA Volleyball National Champion trophy. In addition to volleyball, she also likes to decorate cakes, sew, play ultimate frisbee, and read novels.

Alison is the last of four Bonner children to attend Florida College. She came with the goal of getting a degree in business administration, and then pursue further education in the form of either an MBA or a PhD in finance.

“I started out in the business field because I wasn’t exactly sure where I wanted to go,” she says. “But I knew that business was a good solid ground to stand on. You can do so many things with business.”

She worked in a bank over the summer and observed firsthand the world of finance and business. A stint as the volleyball coach for students at Florida College Academy planted the idea that she might best enjoy employing her business degree as a teacher.

Phil Yoho, professor and chair of the business administration program, further cemented that idea.

“His passion for teaching students, his knowledge in business, his wanting to help us—that’s just really contagious,” she says. “He’s been really influential for me, because I want to be like him.”

Alison isn’t sure where her career path will take her, but she does know where she wants to call home. “It’s all about getting back to Texas for me,” she laughs.

She also knows the type of character she wants to embody in whatever she ends up doing with her business education. In a field populated with dishonest people and practices, Alison wants simply “to show other people Christ through me, through being honest and having integrity through every aspect of my life.”

“Just living by example,” she says. And that’s how Alison Bonner intends to practice living His way.