Opening week can be an exciting and stressful time for new students. You’ll be busy with orientations, activities, getting your new room set up and making new friends. As you pack up your belongings and prepare to make your journey to Florida College, read these ten tips on how to make the most of opening week!

1. Arrive on campus between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. on move-in day. Florida College’s Alpha Club members will be ready to greet you at 8 a.m. and help you carry your things to your room. They will be a huge help to you!

2. Wear your Florida College camp t-shirt while you move in. Not only will you be representing your favorite school and your favorite camp, but your shirt will be a great conversation starter while you’re meeting new people.

3. Have a door stopper handy. It’ll be easier to move your stuff in if someone doesn’t have to hold the door open, and other people will feel more comfortable peeking in to see how you’re decorating your new room.

4. “Don’t assume! If you don’t understand a guideline or know where something is located, ask a monitor, supervisor or somebody on staff. We are here for you!” -Becky Cawthon, Hinely Hall Dorm Supervisor

5. Be ready for rain. Florida is famous for afternoon showers so plan to have all your stuff moved inside early. Use the afternoon to start unpacking or run to the store and pick up anything you left at home.

6. Buy your textbooks from the Florida College Bookstore right away. You’ll get the books you need fast, and you can charge them to your student account.

7. “Pay Attention. There are a lot of great tips given during orientation, so make the most of it. Get to know your professors and Alpha Club members. They are there to help and are wonderful people to know during your time at Florida College.” -Caleb Bunting, Former SBGA President

8. Don’t miss any of the opening week activities. There will be a picnic and devotion at the beach, a Tampa Bay Yankees game and a singing, along with several other events. These are prime opportunities to make new friends and great memories.

9. “Make it a point to go do something with your suitemates as soon as possible. Whether you’ve known them for years or days, these are the people you will be sharing this year with. A good to start to your suite will make for a great year.” -Virginia Maness, Campus Visit Specialist and Retention Coordinator

10. Have fun! Being in college is hard work, but it can also be a lot of fun. Just relax and enjoy every minute of your time at Florida College.