Adopt a Student

How To Apply

The Adopt Program is about people helping people. Adopt matches deserving students with donors who are interested in helping students attend FC. The students selected are informed of their “adoption” and keep the donor informed of their progress during the year.

Application Deadlines

There are multiple deadlines, but the earlier you apply the more money is available.

Fall Semester Deadlines
July 1, 2010 Awards range from $1000 – $5000
Aug 2, 2010 Awards range from $900 – $4500
Aug 21, 2010 Awards range from $800 – $4000
Spring Semester Deadlines
Dec 1, 2010 Awards range from $500 – $2500
Jan 1, 2011 Awards range from $500 – $2250
Jan 8, 2011 Awards range from $500 – $2000

Download the Adopt Application.

Who is Adopt For?

Adopt is for students who have done everything they can to find aid through the normal channels of scholarships, grants, loans and work contracts but who still find themselves short of the money they need to attend Florida College.

Adopt is based on need. Students must have good character and a low EFC (Expected Family Contribution) on the FAFSA.

Adopt Program Requirements

Requirements to be considered by the Florida College Adopt Program include:

In addition, students who are accepted for the Adopt Program must sign a pledge that when they are financially on their feet in the future they will reverse roles and become an adoptive parent.