Adopt a Student

The James R. Cope Adopt Program matches financially challenged students with donors who are interested in helping them attend Florida College. The students selected are informed of their “adoption” and contact the donor with news of their progress during the year. Donors are gratified to know they helped a specific student and made a big difference in his or her life.

Adopt is unique in that it is based on character and financial need. These students must have an especially low EFC (expected family contribution). They have special circumstances, such as being from single-parent homes, or families with many children. They are students who need and want to attend FC, have done what they can to help themselves, but still come up short.

The original friend to youth, President Cope’s servant heart lives on through this special program. This program has helped more than 1,000 students, providing more than $9 million in financial aid. During the 2013–14 school year alone, more than $800,000 in aid has been awarded to 185 students. We encourage you to give to this special program just as Mr. Cope dedicated his life to Florida College.

View a listing of adopt applicants and help a student today.