Florida College is preserving a special piece of history near the construction at Wilson Hall.

Shortly after the Wilson Hall reconstruction began, four sidewalk slabs with special meaning for Florida College were removed from the area. The sidewalk pieces are engraved with the names of several alumni and friends who worked on the school’s landscape project in 1947.

The 1947 landscape project was completed entirely by students, employees and their spouses, and other alumni and friends. Names engraved in the sidewalk include Mrs. L.R. Wilson, Mrs. R. Lewis and Dick Qualls.

Adam Olson, Florida College’s director of alumni relations, is thrilled to have an opportunity to preserve some of Florida College’s history. The pieces of sidewalk are yet another reminder of the unparalleled support Florida College receives from dedicated alumni and friends.

“As we move forward with renovating our campus, it’s important that we remember how we got here.” Olson said. “Parts of the Florida College campus, including Wilson Hall, were quite literally built by the amazing alumni and friends who support this school and its mission.”

Olson is coordinating with campus services to determine a long-term home for the sidewalk, but the pieces are currently displayed next to the construction fence around Wilson Hall. Next time you are on campus, stop by to see this exciting piece of Florida College history!