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We love to hear from all of our students, alumni and friends! Browse the directory of campus email addresses below. If you wish to contact us by phone, simply dial 813.988.5131 for a listing of offices, or you may also speak the name of the person with whom you wish to connect. Press “0″ to be immediately directed to a live operator.

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Directory By Department

Department Number / Extension
Academy 813.899.6800
Academic Dean x116
Admissions/Enrollment Management x150
Advising x270
Athletics x280
Bookstore x230
Boswell Hall 813.899.6821
Business Office x120
Dean of Students x161
Development x190
Dining Hall x250
Financial Aid x131
Facilities x260
Hinely Hall x430
Information Technology x200
Library x210
Nurse x240
Pelican Pouch x253
Post Office x220
President x101
Registrar x140
Terrace Hall/Sutton Hall 813.899.6820
Alsafeer, Saif167Men's Soccer/Admissions
René and Dee Anderson 813.899.6821Student Services (Boswell Hall)
Atherton, Loretta301Faculty
Ausburn, Karen240Campus Nurse
Barlar, Becky302Faculty
Barlar, Doug303Faculty
Barr, Jared181Marketing & Information Technology
Bassett, Jennifer305Faculty
Bassett, Jon304Faculty
Bertram, Judy117Academics/College Hall
Bingham, Mark306Faculty
Blaylock, Stephen130Financial Aid
Burton, Dan307Faculty
Byers, Roy308Faculty
Caldwell, Colly309Faculty
Casebolt, Paul151Admissions
Cawthon, Becky430Student Services (Hinely Hall)
Chandler, Hope310Faculty
Chandler, Luke356Faculty
Chandler, Todd311Faculty
Clark, Sharon172Event Coordination
Coffman, John 313Faculty
Collett, Linda235/280Bookstore
Crispell, Brian161Student Services/Faculty
Crump, Kati357Faculty
Cunningham, Sheila123Business Office
Curry, David192Development Office
Dickey, Lydia354Faculty
Dickey, Thaxter315Faculty
Dickey, Wanda211Library
Dignin, JenniferDining Services
Dye, Dale223Mailroom
Dvorak, Lauren360Faculty
Engel, Colleen152Admissions
Fannin, Tim 317Faculty
Grant, Beth 140Registrar's Office
Greiving, Adam353Faculty
Greiving, Paul358Faculty
Griffin, Keri155Admissions
Hamilton, Tom318Faculty
Harber, Brian183Marketing
Hastings, Andrea320Faculty
Hastings, Annetta319Faculty
Hill, Jordon153Admissions
Hinds, Ray322Faculty
Johnson, Matt324Faculty
Kearley, Ken202IT Department
Kearney, Jennifer215Library
Knight, Craig350Faculty
Lanning, Jesse125Business Office
Lewis, Jamie126Business Office
Longstreth, Jason325Faculty
Lykins, Cathi272Registrar's Office
MacDonald, Norene326Faculty
Madrigal, Ray327Faculty
Main, Carl813.956.7820Faculty
Maness, Virginia 165Admissions
McClister, David329Faculty
McLain, Liz124Business Office
McClendon, Donald221Mailroom
Mitchell, Kelly162Student Services
Moody, Marianne331Faculty
Moore, Tim332Faculty
Moyer, Doy334Faculty
Moyer, Luke163Technical & Productions
Murray, Chris232Bookstore
Northcutt, Doug111Vice President's Office
Oliver, Chris813.681.7047Women's Soccer
Olson, Adam195Alumni Relations
Parimore, Donna813.598.9356Women's Volleyball
Payne, Benjamin336Faculty
Payne, Buddy101President's Office
Peeler, Tommy337Faculty
Perconti, Terri112Vice-President's Office/Development
Petty, Dan116Academic Dean's Office
Price, Anna346Faculty
Rae, Jon203IT Department
Rainwater, Brian339Faculty
Ray, Chase184Marketing
Reynolds, Martha193Development Office
Roberts, Suzanne340Faculty
Romkey, Jim355Men's Basketball
Schmid, Shirley813.899.6820Student Services (Terrace Hall)
Shropshire, Ali Beth166Admissions
Stackpole, Ronald121Business Office
Towe, Crystal238Bookstore
Todd, PatAcademy/Athletics
Trigg, Kathleen359Faculty
Wade, Linda102President's Office
Walker, Darlene341Faculty
Walker, Steve271Advising
Ward, Brooke212Library
Ward, Nathan347Faculty
Ward, Samuel182Marketing
Weliever, Kenny813.689.5112Cross-Country
Wickersheim, Lauren214Library
Wilemon, Gary314Faculty
Wilemon, Madeline194Alumni Relations
Williamson, Melanie236Bookstore
Witherington, Karen342Faculty
Yoho, Philip343Faculty
Yoho, Tammy344Faculty