What jobs can you get with a communication degree?

August 23, 2011

In a word, several. The University of California (in conjunction with the National Communication Association) has put together an excellent list of some of the jobs that communication majors are qualified for. Included in that list are:

  • Public relations
  • Journalist
  • Broadcaster
  • Corporate trainer
  • Human resources manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Stock broker
  • Event planner
  • Media buyer
  • Marketer/advertiser
  • Technical writer
  • Graphic designer
  • Editor
  • Preacher
  • Professor
  • Sales
  • College president
  • Politician
  • Political consultant
  • Lobbyist

This list is by no means exhaustive and there are several books available.  Here are three books that may be helpful.

Does a communication major prepare you for grad school?

Quite simply, yes. Students in communication can pursue their masters or Ph.D at a number of schools across the nation.

What exactly does communication study?

Communication is about human relationships.  Consider, for example, a public relations professional. Their job is to maintain the relationships they have with their customers (their external “publics) and  with their employees (their internal “publics”). At some level, communication is about maintaining those relationships.

Human relationships all happen in contexts.  For example, there is the relationship within families or friends (interpersonal communication), relationships within business (corporate and organizational communication), relationships in the health care field (health communication), in the online context (computer-mediated communication), even the relationship between a speaker and his/her audience (public address). All of these different contexts become the sub-disciplines within the communication field. As communication professionals, we seek how to maintain those relationships and maximize our effectiveness. We see how we can best serve others through our stewardship of resources and knowledge.

While public speaking is a part of communication, it is only a smart part of the discipline. Because most students first come in contact with a communication department through public speaking, some may think that’s all we have to offer. Public address is a small part of the bigger discipline.

I still have questions

If you are still unsure about what a communication degree can do or what the study entails, you are welcome to email or call 813.508.7415 (Google voice number).