Florida College Students Participate in Government Day

Florida College students were invited to Temple Terrace City Hall to participate in Florida Government Day on Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017. Dr. Ray Madrigal, director of experiential learning, organized this event to allow upper-division students to have the opportunity to see local government at work.“What Mayor Jurado and I hope students got out of this experience is that they envision themselves as part of the government process and that they stay involved with the principles of good ethics and Christian vision,” Madrigal said.Students were given the opportunity to shadow Temple Terrace city directors including the city attorney, city manager, police and fire chiefs, and the city clerk and then participated in a mock city council meeting. Student participants presented issues from the departments they were representing and learned how a council meeting is conducted. City manager Charles Stephenson along with newly appointed Mayor Mel Jurado were in attendance to talk to students and to answer any questions about city government. The mayor is delighted about the relationship between Florida College and the city of Temple Terrace.“Florida College is a jewel in the city of Temple Terrace. We need young men and women of principle and character in our city,” Jurado said. The first Florida Government Day was a great success and will continue as an opportunity for Florida College students next year.

November 23rd, 2017|

Richard Howe Speaks to Florida College Students for Distinguished Speaker Series

Richard Howe, director of operations at the North Caspian Operating Company for Shell Oil Company, spoke to students on Thursday, Nov. 16, as the first guest of this year’s Distinguished Speaker Series at Florida College. Howe led the daily chapel devotion and addressed upper-division students in the business administration program. He visited several classes including Human Resource Management, Organizational Leadership and Corporate Finance. During his visit, Howe spent time explaining how Christian values bring trust, compassion and stewardship to the market place. Students were engaged in meaningful conversations that brought context and hope for them as they look forward to their own careers. Before joining Shell Oil Company, Howe studied at Florida College from 1994-1995 and earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, petroleum engineering and business administration. He has supported assets for Shell around the world in locations such as Nigeria, Brazil, Malaysia and the United States. He has also held technical and leadership roles in refining, chemicals, deepwater and international joint ventures assets. Howe served as deacon at the Alief Church of Christ in Houston, Texas, before moving out of the United States. He now lives in Kazakhstan with his wife, Robyn, and their three children Gage, Audrey and Asher. Florida College regularly invites guest speakers, like Richard Howe, to visit campus for the Distinguished Speaker Series in order to provide students with opportunities to learn from others who are positive role models and successful in their chosen fields.

November 16th, 2017|

Jonathan Compton Speaks at Veterans Day Assembly

Jonathan Compton (A.A. ’01) addressed the student body during a special Veterans Day program following this morning’s chapel devotion. After attending Florida College as a student, Compton earned a Juris Doctor degree from the George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School in 2007 and then served as an active duty judge advocate in the United States Air Force for 10 years. He tried numerous criminal cases in federal court, served as a special assistant United States attorney and had a variety of military assignments including working as an assistant professor of law at the United States Air Force Academy. Compton currently serves as a major in the United States Air Force Reserve. Compton is married to Ashley (Gamble) Compton (A.A. ’05), and they have one son, Andrew. They are actively involved in the Florida College community and have both served as counselors at the Florida College Ohio Camp for many years. Thank you to Jonathan Compton for speaking at the Veterans Day assembly and for your dedicated service to the U.S. military!

November 10th, 2017|

Florida College Elementary Education Students Impact Classrooms Across the Country

The elementary education program at Florida College prepares future teachers to build relationships with and have a positive impact on their students. Jonathan Barlar, an elementary education professor, teaches at Florida College because the focus is not just on skill building but also developing role models for the school system. “Florida College students are developing as strong Christian role models as well as strong teachers,” Barlar said. “Employers are looking for teachers who truly care about students and want to do their best in all they do. They want teachers whose focus is on making a difference for others. This fits perfectly with Florida College's goal to develop students emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.” Students at Florida College are instructed by professors who keep the mission of the school as the focus of their teaching. The small class sizes allow for professors and students to benefit from one-on-one interaction and a close-knit support system. The program is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges (SACS) and the Florida Department of Education. Graduates will leave fully qualified and certified to teach in public or private schools in the state of Florida or to seek certification in other states, as the state of Florida has reciprocity with many other states. While students learn theory in the classroom, they can also see it in practice in internship experiences and have access to faculty, staff and cooperating schools for support. That combination ensures the students’ success. Wherever Florida College graduates choose to teach after graduation, Michael Benson, co-chair of the elementary education department, emphasizes that building a relationship with their students is vital. “Building relationships and connections with students is a part of teaching,” Benson said. “The student will [...]

November 6th, 2017|

Meet the Florida College Friends

Congratulations to these students on being selected as members of the Florida College Friends to represent the college across the country! Stay tuned for more information about this summer's tour! Tim Chandler, bassist Jackson Cowley, instrumentalist Natalia Restrepo Gutiérrez, rhythm guitarist Sienna Henson, vocalist Jared Hockensmith, lead guitarist Kaylan Shepard, vocalist Ethan Sink, keyboardist Jackson Sneed, drummer

October 24th, 2017|

Florida College Inducts New Members of Alpha Chi

Florida College’s chapter of Alpha Chi, the national college honor society, inducted ten new members at a ceremony in Puckett Auditorium on Tuesday, Oct. 17, at 5:30 p.m. Alpha Chi is a coeducational academic honor society with the purpose of promoting academic excellence and exemplary character among college and university students and honoring those who achieve such distinction. Membership is limited to the top 10 percent of juniors, seniors and graduate students from each chapter, and there are more than 300 chapters of Alpha Chi located in 45 states and Puerto Rico. Dr. Dan Petty opened the induction ceremony of the Florida Xi chapter by welcoming guests and introducing Martin Adams, Florida College’s chief advancement officer, as the guest speaker for the event. Petty was also responsible for installing this year’s officers: Sloan Hastings as president, Jesse Bingham as vice president, and Madison West as secretary and treasurer. The newly installed officers inducted ten new members: Abigail Alford Ethan Bingham Hannah Dunsmore Brent Dyer Elizabeth Hammontree Steven Johnson Cassie Miller Joshua Sanders Tania Steele Katherine Thompson Congratulations to these students on their outstanding academic achievements!

October 18th, 2017|

Hurricane Irma – Updates Ongoing

Hurricane Irma – Update Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017, 11 a.m. Power has been restored on the Florida College campus as of late Monday night. The campus email server is also back up and service has been restored. The normal schedule of classes will resume Wednesday, Sept. 13. Thank you for your constant support and the many prayers on our behalf. Hurricane Irma – Update Monday, Sept. 11, 2017, 6 p.m. We experienced a major storm when Hurricane Irma passed by our area last night. Thankfully everyone at Florida College was kept safe and free from harm. There was no major damage to the campus or facilities as a result of the storm. We thank God for these good blessings. Now that the storm has passed, we are addressing the resulting circumstances. The campus lost power during the storm and continues to be without power. At this time, we do not know when power will be restored, but we have been in contact with the power company for more definitive information. Our first priority is to take care of our students and to provide for their safety and wellbeing. To that end, we are implementing the following measures: We are taking steps to make sure the students on campus have adequate food and water. Beginning this evening, students may obtain permission to sign out to stay with family or friends who live within a reasonable distance from campus. Classes have already been cancelled through Tuesday, Sept. 12. A decision will be made by 1 p.m. on Tuesday, based on additional information from the power company regarding restoration of power, regarding the status of meeting classes for the remainder of the week. The [...]

September 6th, 2017|

Florida College Announces Annual Theme

Florida College announced the biblical theme for the 2017-2018 academic year during Opening Ceremonies on Thursday, Aug. 24. In the essay below, Dr. Jason Longstreth, dean of students, shares why he selected this year's theme, "Turning the World Upside Down." - As a community of believers, we choose a biblical theme for each academic year. This theme is designed to help us reflect on a common spiritual thought throughout the year. Often times, our theme becomes a unifying thread that runs through our chapel talks and devotional messages. But this theme is not just for those times when we engage in explicitly spiritual activities. It also reminds us of the practical application of all that we do. Whether we are studying in the classroom, competing on the athletic fields, praying in chapel or serving in the community, we have a spiritual purpose and a spiritual mission. Our theme helps us remember that fact. The Florida College theme for 2017-2018 is, “Turning the World Upside Down.” It is based on Acts 17:6. From the very beginning of His ministry, Jesus challenged the status quo. Jesus began His Sermon on the Mount by promoting attributes or characteristics that were not valued in the Greco-Roman world of His day. As He continued His sermon, He called on people to practice a type of righteousness that was deeper than that of the scribes and Pharisees. He asserted that the commonly held interpretations of the Law did not go far enough. He even told people to store up treasures in heaven instead of treasures on earth. Through His death, burial, and resurrection, Jesus overcame the world. He conquered death and brought the gift of righteousness. Furthermore, He changed the [...]

August 24th, 2017|

Florida College Recognizes Award-Winning Faculty

Florida College recognized this year’s faculty award winners at the annual faculty appreciation dinner at the Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club on Tuesday, Aug. 15. The annual award winners include the recipients of the Special Service Awards and the D. Phillip Roberts Top-Rated Lecturing Professor Award as well as the top-rated activities professor. Special Service Awards at Florida College are awarded to professors who have served the college above and beyond their regular teaching responsibilities. The recipients of the 2016-2017 Special Service Awards are Dr. Ray Madrigal, director of experiential learning, and Dr. Doug Barlar, chair of the music department. Madrigal led the quality enhancement plan committee in developing the AGORA (Academically Grounded Opportunities for Real-World Accomplishments) and his work with that program will be ongoing. Barlar headed the effort for reaffirmation in the National Association of Schools of Music, ensuring Florida College music students graduate with accredited degrees as they begin careers in professional fields. Florida College’s top-rated lecturing and activities professors are selected each year based on student evaluations and overall excellence. Factors considered by the students and reviewed by the dean’s office include mastery in the discipline taught, respectful treatment of student, classroom management, overall value of study and effective assessment of the course objectives. This year, the award for top-rated lecturing professor will take on the name of Phil Roberts, the professor to earn the most annual lecturing professor awards with 10 over a span of 19 years. The D. Phillip Roberts Top-Rated Lecturing Professor Award recipient for the 2016-2017 academic year is Todd Chandler. As the chair of the science and mathematics department, Chandler is consistently responsible for more than twice as many student credit hours as the [...]

August 22nd, 2017|

Florida College Will Award First Scholarships From Alumni Credit Cards

Florida College will award the first scholarships funded by credit cards from Suncoast Credit Union this fall. Students will receive a total of $8,000 in scholarships from the college's affinity credit card program. According to Adam Olson, Florida College's director of alumni relations, the outstanding support of alumni and friends using these credit cards made it possible to raise enough funds to start awarding scholarships to deserving students. “The Florida College credit cards offered by Suncoast Credit Union provide another opportunity for alumni and friends of the college to support student scholarships,” Olson said. “It requires minimal effort, but with enough support, it generates a major impact." This fall, Florida College will begin annual distribution of $8,000 in scholarships from the credit card program. This year’s funds will be used to support high-achieving academic and athletic students as originally intended, but the function of the program is changing. Moving forward, Florida College will be changing the program and the way future scholarship dollars are awarded. In order to provide the maximum amount of financial help to students, the two card accounts, both academic and athletic, will be merged into a single account. From now on, all money generated from both credit card styles from Suncoast Credit Union will be combined in one account to provide ongoing support to students. This modification will not require a new credit card or any other changes for card holders. The money raised from the entire program will now be used to provide scholarships for the children of Florida College alumni or members of The Hutchinson Bell. As usage of the Suncoast credit card grows, the amount of annual scholarships will grow as well. “This change to the [...]

August 11th, 2017|