President’s Scholars Join Florida College Class of 2020

Eighteen President’s Scholars have joined Florida College’s freshman class for the fall 2016 semester. Each of the 18 President’s Scholars earned a 3.65 GPA or above in high school and at least a 32 on the ACT or a 1410 on the SAT. These achievements qualify each of the students to receive the president's scholarship from Florida College. Paul Casebolt, Florida College’s director of admissions and retention services, is thrilled to welcome these outstanding students to campus this fall. "We are excited to see such a large number of President’s Scholars in our incoming class, including a National Merit Semifinalist and National Merit Finalist,” Casebolt said. "It indicates that these high-caliber students, all of whom had several college options to consider, looked at the nature of the education we offer at Florida College and recognized both its rigor and value." High-achieving students like this year’s President’s Scholars come to Florida College for a rigorous academic experience and countless opportunities to grow spiritually, build meaningful relationships and make memories that will last a lifetime. "We look forward to seeing how these students contribute to our community of scholars at Florida College,” Casebolt said. The following students have qualified as President’s Scholars and joined the Florida College class of 2020: Abigail Alford Ethan Bingham Sean Bray Joshua Duke Brent Dyer Tyler Henderson Steven Johnson David Lancaster Samuel Lee Julie LeFort Jason Mallo Andrew Robin Emily Roche Joshua Sanders Denae Sink Mary Rose Stinson Tasha Whitsitt Abigail Wood Congratulations to these students on their outstanding academic achievements!

August 25th, 2016|

Florida College Hosts Faculty Appreciation Dinner

Florida College hosted the annual faculty appreciation dinner at the Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club on Tuesday, Aug. 16, to recognize this year’s faculty award winners and honor two retiring professors, Ray Hinds and Becky Barlar. At this annual event, Florida College recognizes the recipients of the Dean’s Award and the Special Service Award as well as the top-rated lecturing and activities professors. The recipient of the 2015-2016 Dean’s Award is Dr. C.G. “Colly” Caldwell (A.A. ’64), biblical studies faculty. Caldwell is a president emeritus and his experience makes him a valuable member of various faculty committees. He is devoted to his fellow faculty, Florida College, and most importantly, his God. The recipient of the 2015-2016 Special Service Award is Karen Witherington (A.A. ’80), English faculty. Witherington plays a key role in carrying the load of the English department and tirelessly helped with the mentoring work of the academic advising office. She is the definition of a humble servant. Florida College’s top-rated lecturing and activities professors are selected each year based on student evaluations and overall excellence. Factors considered by the students and reviewed by the dean’s office include mastery in the discipline taught, respectful treatment of student, classroom management, overall value of study and effective assessment of the course objectives. The top-rated lecturing professor for the 2015-2016 academic year is Todd Chandler (A.A. ’93). Chandler is the chair of the science and mathematics department, and this year, he was responsible for more than twice as many student credit hours as the faculty average and also served 31 advisees. Thanks to dedicated service from Todd Chandler, many Florida College students graduate from the pre-health program ready to pursue master’s and doctorate degrees. [...]

August 19th, 2016|

Faculty Spotlight: Loretta Atherton

August 12th, 2016|

Caleb Liggin, Class of 2013

As a third generation Falcon and regular camper at Florida College Chicagoland Camp, Caleb Liggin (B.A. '13) knew Florida College would be the best choice for his college years. He began working in the college's liberal studies program but then switched to communication when the new program opened after his sophomore year. "I’ve always been a people person,” Caleb said. "I like talking to people and working with people, so the communication program ended up being a really nice fit for me." The communication program gave Caleb the opportunity to learn about interacting with people both in business and personal settings, and he is constantly using what he learned at Florida College in his current job as an account manager in the donor recruitment department at the American Red Cross. His work requires him to make connections with people and businesses in the community, give presentations about blood donation, and coordinate blood drives at a variety of locations, including colleges. "I work with several colleges here with the Red Cross, and one thing I notice is that there doesn’t seem to be quite the sense of community that I remember feeling at Florida College,” Caleb said. Caleb was an extremely active part of the campus community during his time at Florida College. He was a member of Psi Beta for four years and served as the society’s president during his sophomore year. He worked as an SI leader during his sophomore and junior years and helped coordinate the SI program during his senior year. He was elected to sophomore class secretary and then junior-senior class president for two years. He served as an intern in the admissions department and was also involved with [...]

July 28th, 2016|

Dr. Thaxter Dickey Receives Carrozza Award

Dr. Thaxter Dickey was honored as the recipient of Florida College’s Carrozza Outstanding Performance Award for the 2015-2016 academic year based on his effectiveness in the classroom, pursuit of professional development and overall involvement within the campus community. Dickey came to teach at Florida College in 1979, while he was completing the coursework to earn his doctorate degree at the University of South Florida. He began as a part-time psychology professor, but was later hired as a full-time business professor. Dickey has been teaching at Florida College ever since. "I wouldn’t teach anywhere else,” he said. As a tenured professor of behavioral science, Dickey currently teaches a wide range of courses including psychology, sociology, economics and honors reading. His students consistently rank his classes among the most difficult and the most interesting at the college. Dickey hopes that, by teaching the social sciences at Florida College, he can help young Christians put these subjects into a biblical framework and defend themselves against the philosophies that threaten to overwhelm Christians in America today. "I think that here at Florida College I can provide a service above and beyond just teaching the principles and facts of sociology and psychology because I’m teaching brothers and sisters in Christ,” Dickey said. In addition to teaching, Dickey joins other members of the faculty in sharing in the governance of the academic standards of the college, advising students as they choose classes and prepare for the future, and supporting student events and campus life. The Carrozza Outstanding Performance Award is sponsored by the generosity of David and Dana Carrozza of Folsom, California, to highlight the critical value of teaching professors at the college and includes an all-expenses paid trip [...]

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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Minghui Liu

July 14th, 2016|

Amanda Williamson, Class of 2016

Amanda Williamson (B.S. ’16) wasn’t sure if the elementary education program at Florida College had prepared her for her future as an elementary school teacher until she walked into her first interview for a full-time teaching position. She was being interviewed by a panel of six people, and she was intimidated. "They started asking me questions, and it was amazing to me that I just knew all the answers,” Amanda said. "It was at that point that I knew that Florida College had prepared me for what I was about to do. I just got a whole new level of confidence. I felt like Florida College had given me all those answers and I didn’t even know it.” Growing up in Plant City, Florida, Amanda was always near the college. She attended Florida College Academy until third grade and was homeschooled from fourth grade through high school. Amanda often attended dramatic productions and other events on the Florida College campus with her family, and she knew the environment was something she wanted to be a part of. "I chose to come to Florida College because of the environment,” Amanda said. "I grew up around the school. I went to see musicals and plays and all the events at the school growing up. I liked what I saw, and I knew that was where I wanted to be.” Amanda’s family wanted to be part of the Florida College environment too. Her mom, Melanie Williamson, started working in the Florida College Bookstore to be on campus with Amanda, and her brother, Andy Williamson, just earned his associate degree from Florida College. He will be returning to the college in the fall to pursue his bachelor’s [...]

June 28th, 2016|

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. David McClister

June 16th, 2016|

Florida College Hosts Labor Camp 2016

Florida College hosted a total of 67 participants on campus at Labor Camp 2016 on June 5-9. The volunteers at the 12th annual camp worked longer days than last year and donated nearly 2,000 hours of labor, saving the college approximately $60,000. To date, Labor Camp has now saved Florida College more than $400,000. Labor Camp operates each summer under the supervision of the director of alumni relations, Adam Olson. This year's camp was directed by Craig Bean, the original Labor Camp director, Florida College alumnus and president of The Hutchinson Bell. This year’s Labor Camp participants completed variety of projects to improve campus: Replaced fencing on the west side of Hutchinson Auditorium Painted in Boswell Hall, Jennifer Hall, Puckett Auditorium, Hutchinson Auditorium and McCarty Auditorium Completed a massive landscaping project outside the newly renovated Wilson Hall Built a wall in one of the locker rooms at Conn Gymnasium Demolished the deck outside Henderson Hall Demolished the pergola at Graduation Walk and safely stored the bricks for placement after future construction projects Cleaned in Jennifer Hall, Hailey-King and Akin Built a hostess station in Henderson Dining Hall Repainted numbers in parking lot outside Boswell Hall Repaired and painted the west end of Dicus Hall Replaced all lightbulbs, oiled all fans and repaired receptacles in Hutchinson Auditorium Completed numerous small projects in Chatlos Library Bleached and pressure washed nearly every surface on campus Prepped the area around the main sign for installation of a new one Cleaned the construction area on first floor Wilson Hall Assisted with inventory needs at the bookstore The Labor Camp projects were overseen by Florida College’s chief marketing and information officer, Jared Barr. Barr was thrilled with this year’s volunteer [...]

June 14th, 2016|

Abigail Alford Wins Chipotle’s “Cultivating Thought” Student Essay Contest

Abigail Alford, an incoming Florida College freshman and presidential scholar, has been selected as one of the 10 grand prizewinners of Chipotle Mexican Grill’s “Cultivating Thought” student essay scholarship contest, judged by acclaimed author Jonathan Safran Foer. "My mom and I decided early on that applying for scholarships would be a priority, and we're so thankful for the positive results of that decision,” Abigail said. The “Cultivating Thought” contest challenged students ages 13 to 18 to submit an original story about when food created a memory. Abigail’s essay, “Two Minutes With Granny Sue,” was chosen based on its originality, creativity and quality of composition. The essay is about the first time she enjoyed ice cream from an ice cream truck after a lifetime of hearing “no” from her loving parents. “Two Minutes With Granny Sue” is featured on Chipotle packaging alongside artwork inspired by the essay, and Abigail received a $20,000 scholarship to support her continuing education. "When I first found out about winning the Chipotle scholarship, I remember breaking down in tears and thanking God over and over again because I was so grateful to have won something that would ease the financial burden of my college expenses,” Abigail said. Abigail graduated from Summit High School in Spring Hill, Tennessee, and will be joining the Florida College family on campus in the fall as a freshman in the elementary education program. She is interested in getting involved on campus with the theater productions and as a member of the chorus, the Florida College Friends and the Camp Friends, but most of all, she is excited to be a part of the spiritual atmosphere. “I've never had the chance to be in an [...]

June 9th, 2016|