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Roxana Otvos is Living His Way

When Roxana Otvos began her freshman year in 2013, it was more than just the beginning of a college career; for her, it was part of “a dream come true.” “Coming here from Romania, I felt so blessed. I thought that nothing happening here [in America] was real until I started living here,” she said. […]

Libby Barnes is Living His Way

                For Libby Barnes, Florida College was not her first choice, and halfway through her first semester, she remembers wondering if she had made the wrong one. She took her parents’ advice — to “tough it out” — and stayed a second semester, where she remembers a few […]

Nathan Shepard is Living His Way

Nathan Shepard had grown up hearing about Florida College for most of his life. But even as a six-year Arkansas camper with lots of family alumni, he had to experience life at the College himself. “I wasn’t the type who always felt like he was born to go,” he said, referring to his weekend at […]

Adam Hull is Living His Way

Adam Hull had always been a good student. He was a member of his high school honors society and Beta Club, so by his senior year, he had already accumulated a few different scholarship opportunities. For Adam, Florida College made sense as his next academic destination. But the junior hardly labels his past two years […]

Amanda Mock is living His way

Amanda (Kirby) Mock was eight years old when she saw the Florida College chorus perform in her Texas hometown. In that moment, she knew she wanted to one day attend Florida College and sing in the chorus. Young Amanda Kirby would have to wait another decade for that dream to come true, but every year […]

Sara Roberts is living His way

Sara Roberts always expected to come to Florida College. What she didn’t expect is be a veteran of chorus, chamber chorus and the Hutchinson stage four years after her arrival. “As soon as I arrived I fell in love with being on stage here,” she said. “Singing and performing motivates me to do everything else […]

Kerri Taylor is living His way

  Kerri Taylor was a volleyball all-star throughout high school. But when it came to choosing her college education, the endless opportunities her exceptional talent presented seemed to be more of an obstacle. Schools across the nation coveted the six-foot left-side hitter, including NCAA Division I powerhouses Colorado State, UCLA and Penn State, further complicating […]

Zac McCray is living His way

In high school, Zac McCray knew a lot of answers. Enough, in fact, to graduate with a 4.1 GPA and achieve an ACT score of 32. But the sophomore is well aware that an indication of what one can do is not often so calculable, and that success is determined by more than numbers. “It’s […]

Caleb Bunting is living His way

In high school Caleb Bunting was well-liked and involved in a number of extra-curricular activities. Still, he didn’t quite fit in. “I had a good high school experience,” he recalls. “But I couldn’t fully participate in many of the associations I wanted to because of the way in which they were run.” From his three […]

Nikki Mackey is living His way

Sophomore Nikki Mackey’s time at Florida College was almost complete. After serving as president of Phi Theta Kappa, receiving the academic award in Biology, and earning the recognition of class Salutatorian, she required only a walk across the graduation stage and a handshake from the Dean of Students and she would receive her Associate in Arts degree—the traditional way to conclude […]

Alex Staton is living His way

When sophomore Alex Staton decided to attend Florida College instead of a school in his home state of Arkansas, he was banking on at least two things: high-quality academics and the chance to be around more young Christians. “I realized that a community college or a university would not offer me the same caliber of […]

Ryan Shutt is Living His Way.

For sophomore Ryan Shutt, the Florida College experience was about growing, learning, and taking responsibility—and it took a little while for it all to sink in. “College is a whole different ball game and it takes some people longer to adjust.” Ryan grew up in Bowling Green, Ky., a classic migration point for many Florida […]

Austin Parimore is living His way

Junior Austin Parimore has had a bit of a different Florida College experience. He grew up in Temple Terrace, attended the Florida College Academy from pre-school through eighth grade and spent plenty of time on the College’s campus too—especially in Conn gymnasium. His mom Donna is, after all, Florida College’s award-winning volleyball coach. So, when […]

Clay Soto is living His way

Sophomore and business major Clay Soto had no idea what he wanted to do with his life—until he took “that test.” You know, the test. The test that helps students hone in on their interests, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses and, ultimately, a handful of really compelling career opportunities. That sort of direction is what the […]

Andrew Yeater is living His way

Andrew Yeater was pretty comfortable at home in West Virginia—but he knew it wouldn’t be long before he got a call from Florida College. “My dad was a student, so I knew eventually they would start calling for me,” he says. Sure enough, a Florida College admissions counselor called to invite him to Falcon Days. […]

Adam Smelser is living His way

It requires a stout heart to pass through the fire of a Dickey psychology course, and every so often that fire will leap into the heart of a student—and a new psychologist is made. Adam Smelser is that kind of student. A junior from Gettysburg, Pa., Smelser is in the Liberal Studies program at Florida […]

Stefanie Collier is living His way

When Stefanie Collier arrived at Florida College, she didn’t know anyone—in a place where it seemed like everyone already had a friend. Overwhelming? Definitely. It was “kind of a shock.” But by the end of the first week, she was making plans to stay for four years. “I was amazed at how close everyone was,” […]

Chris Hagemo is living His way

“I wanted to be an architect,” Chris Hagemo (’01) recounts, “and one day my architecture teacher told me, ‘You don’t want to be an architect; they don’t make any money. You should be a chemical engineer like my son.’ Although I had no clue what chemical engineering was, I said, ‘Okay!’” So Hagemo came to […]

Jenny Moorer is living His way

  Jenny Moorer still gets advice from her high school guidance counselor—and now she wants to be one herself. Jenny, a sophomore from Temple Terrace, Fla., looks back on high school with fondness. “I loved my teachers,” she says. “I loved my friends. I loved the school setting.” She was blessed to attend a school […]

David Watson is living His way

In more ways than one, David Watson hopes to emulate the Great Physician. Watson came to Florida College from Athens, Ala., with the express intent of pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies. “I just knew that it was a once-in-a-lifetime thing,” he says. “I’d heard a lot of preachers tell me that you don’t […]

Sarah Smetzer is living His way

Sarah Smetzer came to Florida College praying that the school would add a communication degree. “My parents were hesitant to send me to FC,” she says. Latching onto newspaper and yearbook in her high school in Frisco, Texas, and imbued with a passion from one teacher in particular, Sarah aspired to a career in sports […]

Alison Bonner is living His way

For someone pursuing a career in business, Alison Bonner has quite the variety of playful interests.

Alison, a junior from Dumas, Texas, is a member of the Lady Falcons team that recently took home the 2010 USCAA Volleyball National Champion trophy. In addition to volleyball, she also likes to decorate cakes, sew, play ultimate frisbee, and read novels.