Learn, Live, Lead


Heather Morrison is Learning His Way

Heather Morrison was initially apprehensive about attending Florida College. It was a part of her family’s tradition, and she looked forward to being a part of that story, but when it came to her academic interests and goals, she had her doubts. “I was a little concerned about academics,” she said. “People don’t mention it […]

Olivia Craig is Learning His Way

Just weeks into her senior year, Olivia Craig is preparing to complete her college career a block away from where she went to elementary school. She grew up in Temple Terrace and started her education at the Florida College Academy during third grade, so it seemed Florida College was always in her future. “I had […]

Tim Haynes is learning His way

The phrase “creature of habit” implies the ordinary and often carries dull connotations. But Tim Haynes, a self-described creature of habit, is anything but ordinary and far from dull. That’s because his chief habit is to always try something new. “The biggest lesson I’ve learned at Florida College is to take every chance to try or […]

Austin Kercheville is learning His way

For Austin Kercheville, the decision to enroll in Florida College was not a difficult one. His three older brothers attended, and the trip to Temple Terrace was always something he had been planning. What wasn’t planned was the decision he would face two years later. A 4.0 student in high school, Austin had no trouble […]

Ekyoma Doilicho is learning His way

Ekyoma Doilicho’s arrival in Temple Terrace marked the beginning of an outstanding academic career and a journey to becoming a social worker. Her path to Florida College was preceded by her journey to America, where she got her first taste of Florida College before she even knew it existed. Ekyoma was born in Addis Ababa, […]

Savannah Gorman is learning His way

Savannah Gorman has always been driven. In high school this was the foundation of her outstanding volleyball career in which she led Sinton High School to the state semi-finals for the first time in school history. Her determination was even greater in the classroom, where she graduated top 10 in her class and as a […]

Melody Baughman is learning His way

Melody Baughman is thoroughly involved in student life and extracurricular activities, a stand-out member in the College’s Oratory Union and a straight-A student — and she’s only a sophomore. Her major, Liberal Studies, is as versatile as her many interests. And with components in Communication and Mathematics, she’s enjoying the program’s breadth to the fullest. […]

Nathan Lee is living His way

With a 4.0 GPA and an ACT score of 32, Nathan Lee had earned himself the opportunity to attend Florida College on the President’s Scholarship. That, he says, along with the hope of being thoroughly involved in a tight-knit, Christian atmosphere, made his decision to attend Florida College all the easier. But during the past […]

Melissa Cowley is learning His way

During the summer before her junior year, Melissa Cowley seemed well on her way to becoming a third-generation Falcon. A seven-year camper at Florida College Colorado Camp, the Aurora native always envisioned someday setting foot on the flatter, warmer campus of the College itself. But as she entered her junior year, Melissa’s exceptional talent as […]

Jen Gorman is learning His way

Between advanced placement classes, dual enrollment classes at a local college and CLEP tests, Jen Gorman had 59 hours of college credit complete before even entering college—all while keeping a solid 4.1 GPA. So it might come as a surprise to hear the academician and Phi Theta Kappa member reflect on her previous three years […]

Dustin Merkle is learning His way

It only took Dustin Merkle one year at FC Georgia Camp to generate enthusiasm about Florida College. “After a week at camp, I never seriously considered another school,” he said. “My heart was set.” However, he came to learn that life at Florida College was not without its challenges, and that there were plenty of […]

Lauren Tharp is learning His way

Lauren Tharp is naturally goal-driven. This mindset led to her academic success in high school, where she achieved membership in the National Honors Society and excelled in her school’s drum line for three years. But apart from these accomplishments, Lauren wasn’t as involved as she believes she could have been. “In high school I was […]

Melanie Steinly is learning His way

After spending one year at a local university near her home in Tennessee, Melanie Steinly felt like it was time for a change. “Outside of church, coming across another Christian was a rare occurrence,” she recalled. “That and the impersonal education I was receiving made me consider transferring to Florida College.” So, the following August […]

Virginia Maness is learning His way

Virginia Maness could not wait to arrive at Florida College. The declared Music major was eager to develop her musical skills and mature spiritually—as long as she didn’t have to meet anybody in the process. “As a kid I was painfully shy—I would cry when I had to meet strangers. I was panicking the summer before coming to Florida College […]

Grace Bassett is learning His way

For many Florida College students, the first week of the fall semester sets up the entire freshman year. It kick-starts the friendmaking, the society pride, and the dorm-life experience. These are the first moments when college life becomes reality. And junior Grace Bassett missed it. After graduating from high school a semester early, Grace made […]

Becca Ellis is learning His way

For most students, college is a time of growth, development, and positive change. And according to Becca Ellis, the evolution from freshman to senior has changed her life. As a focused freshman, Becca came to Florida College with a plan: stay for a couple of years, transfer, complete a degree in education, and become a […]

Chelsea Orf is learning His way

If you ask Chelsea Orf what’s important to her, one big thing would be family. Having her own family in the future is a big part of her future plans, and right now, she’s enjoying her new “huge family” at Florida College. Even as a freshman, Chelsea has not found it hard to fit in—a […]

Danae Roy is Learning His Way

According to Danae Roy, college is a “balancing act,” And she would know. As sophomore class secretary, Phi Sig Vice President, and a member of the brand-new women’s basketball team, Danae has a lot of responsibility. Fortunately, she has it all under control. “I’m a very organized person,” she says. “I really like it when […]

Breona Blanton is learning His way

Breona Blanton had no doubt where she was headed after graduation. The University of Arizona was calling her name. “I wanted to go to a university, because I thought ‘That’s where the smart people go’,” she said. “That’s where you have to go for challenging classes and to get ahead.” But, at her aunt’s request, […]

Jonathan Wickersheim is Learning His Way

Growing up in Kenosha, Wis., Jonathan Wickersheim was frustrated at having so many diverse interests—cooking, airplanes, race cars, politics—and never being able to excel at any one thing.  Now he sees that versatility of interests as a strength (a background of “overall experience”), and Florida College as the perfect fit. Wickersheim, a junior, has been […]

Caleb Liggin is learning His way

Nothing inspires junior Caleb Liggin quite like clean lines, contemporary furniture, and a well-designed floor plan. “I’ve just always seen things that way,” he says. “And I can’t seem to go more than a couple of months without rearranging [my room],” he says. Caleb is looking forward to carrying his passion and personal style into […]

Daniel Broadwell is learning His way

Daniel Broadwell is an open-minded guy who likes a challenge. His interests span nearly every subject in the college catalog, and he came to Florida College with more than 30 college credit hours. And these are just two reasons why the Liberal Studies degree really works for him. Daniel made the decision to complete his […]

Katie Gregory is learning His way

In high school, Katie Gregory took a class on video production. The class was responsible for a weekly school news program, and Katie, an avid reader and occasional writer, was tasked with writing several commercials. Her interest in the world of advertising was piqued. Now a freshman at Florida College (a somewhat “sudden and spontaneous” […]

Becca Roberts is learning His way

“Music kind of eats your life,” says junior Becca Roberts. From her perspective, though, that’s a good thing. Becca came to Florida College from Bedford, Texas (she admits to missing the seasons). In junior high she joined band, and has been in love with music ever since. She resisted the idea of going to FC […]

Hannah Greiving is learning His way

History is a running thread in Hannah Greiving’s life.

A Colorado native and current Tampa resident, Hannah is a senior in the liberal studies program and president of the junior/senior class. Her degree focuses on education and history.