Learn, Live, Lead


Bradley Moorer is Leading His Way

Bradley Moorer was born and raised in Temple Terrace. As son of the College’s longtime former basketball coach and athletic director, he remembers growing up as a self-described gym rat. “I remember getting out of the [Florida College] Academy and walking straight over for practice. I’d go to all the home games and traveled with […]

PJ Anderson is leading His way

As a freshman aspiring preacher, PJ Anderson envisioned himself attending Florida College for two years, taking every available Bible course, then moving on to pursue preaching. “I thought I would eventually figure out a lot of these things on my own,” he said. “But studying the Bible here has been worth it. The things I’ve […]

Ben Keehn is Leading His Way

  Attending a small liberal arts college 3,000 miles from his Washington home was not Ben’s first college choice. After his high school graduation, he enrolled in a local college to obtain his associate’s degree with an intention to pursue preaching the following fall. But after the preaching opportunity fell through, Ben’s interest remained. So […]

Grant Goad is leading His way

Toward the end of his sophomore year, Grant Goad struggled with the decision to run for student body president. Never one to embrace the limelight, Grant wanted to lead, he just didn’t want the attention that came with it. But after some convincing from his close friend and last year’s president, Clay Soto, Grant now […]

Saif Alsafeer is leading His way

A typical Florida College student’s path to Temple Terrace begins at a summer booster camp or during a campus tour. For Saif Alsafeer, it began with a very specific Google search. “I remember sitting down at my computer and typing: ‘Christian colleges in Florida with soccer teams’ into my search engine,” he recalled. Saif, a […]

Bryce Cline is leading His way

Two summers ago, Bryce Cline experienced the same combination of eagerness and preparation that most high school graduates do, only with a unique experience which led him to describe his time between high school and Florida College as “nomadic.” After his graduation, Bryce’s family moved from their 11-year home in Pennsylvania to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Meanwhile, […]

Colton McDaniel is living His way

Colton McDaniel had big plans after his high school graduation. A talented young preacher with a heart for evangelism, Colton’s original plans involved immediately developing his preaching experience and possibly helping start a new congregation. But after much thinking, prayer and a particular conversation, Colton became convinced that he could serve even in Temple Terrace, […]

Brian Sipe is leading His way

Brian Sipe never had a reason to go to Florida. Born in California and raised in Oregon, all his friends and family resided on the west coast. “I never even thought about attending Florida College,” he said. “But my experience at my local community college was not turning out to be what I expected. After […]

William Hammontree is leading His way

William Hammontree had always been well acquainted with Florida College. Growing up in Temple Terrace and frequenting the many campus events, it seemed the College’s “lofty pines” were always in his future. “I lived across the street from the campus and my family has always had many ties to the school,” he said. “I never […]

Libba Greiving is leading His way

Libba Greiving would be the first to say that she doesn’t portray the stereotypical characteristics of a leader. “I’ve never been much of a performer or public speaker,” she said. “Sometimes I even get embarrassed seeing other people in the spotlight.” But the senior has managed to achieve a number of leadership positions despite avoiding […]

Beau Kirkwood is leading His way

From maintaining a solid 3.8 GPA to standing out in show choir to quarterbacking his Texas high school’s football team, Beau Kirkwood was always in the position to lead. His academic achievements presented him with multiple scholarship opportunities, and his astute quarterbacking skills peaked the interest of NCAA recruiters. Wherever Beau decided to go in college, it appeared that his future […]

Courtney Bruns is leading His way

SBGA Vice President for 2012–13 … former Kappa Omicron officer … member of the new women’s basketball team … Alpha Club volunteer … faculty secretary … Friends vocalist … If you look at Courtney Bruns’ Florida College resume, you’d think she was a born leader. But, according to Courtney, it takes work to develop the […]

Forrest Crim is Leading His Way

Florida College camp—one week each summer when kids get the whole package: campfire smoke, outdoor sports, mosquito bites, budding friendships, and an uplifting spiritual experience that lasts for the rest of the year. Camps are one of the best tools Florida College has to recruit students from a young age. So, naturally, when students arrive […]

Andrew Gass is leading His way

Sophomore Andrew Gass comes from a long line of construction workers. His grandfather worked in the construction industry, and so did his dad. “We’re fifth generation construction,” he says. So, what’s Andrew’s plan? He is a double major in Business and Biblical Studies and has a very specific career goal—to work for Florida College. Andrew’s […]

Kelly Gershenson is leading His way

Sophomore Kelly Gershenson always knew she wanted to be a nurse. “I love to work with people. I couldn’t ever sit behind a desk,” she says. “And medicine has always interested me. I just find it very fascinating—and I love it.” But even a very specific career path didn’t stop her from coming to Florida […]

Lauren Harber is leading His way

Lauren Harber is a Falcon baby: the happy blessing from a marriage that began when her parents met at Florida College. So when it came time to choose a college, Lauren’s decision was easy. “I pretty much knew I was coming here before I was born,” she laughs. Lauren grew up watching her brothers’ Florida […]

Amanda Schaefer is leading His way

In the textbook for her business psychology class, Amanda Schaefer’s eyes always go to the small box in each chapter that spotlights a different culture. Signs like that make her think that a future in international business might be tugging at her sleeve. Amanda, a senior in Florida College’s Business Administration program, has reason to […]

Nathan Wolfe is leading His way

When Nathan Wolfe arrived at Florida College with no clear path, he thought he’d try a little of everything first. “I realized I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I didn’t want to take a lot of time to switch majors over and over,” he said. Nathan came with nearly 30 credits of […]

Jonathan Barlar is leading His way

Jonathan Barlar graduated from Florida College’s Elementary Education program in 2002—and he is now the first program graduate to become a school principal. Barlar did not always know his future lay in leadership, since he was initially so focused on being the best teacher he could be in the classroom. To Barlar, teaching is an […]

Brian Crispell is leading His way

“Teaching is more than just about doing a job,” says Dr. Brian Crispell. “Teaching is about having an impact.” Crispell ought to know. His impact at Florida College is unmistakable, as a history professor since 2000, and as dean of student affairs since 2009. He has been voted the top lecturer by students in six […]

Hannah Hudson is leading His way

Hannah Hudson might tell you she’s “the most boring person on the planet,” but don’t believe her. The plans she has, using the talents God has given her, have the power to change the lives of plural generations.

A senior from Gainesville, Fla., Hannah is in the midst of finishing the business administration program at Florida College. She hopes to graduate by December.

Dr. Thaxter Dickey is leading His way

In 1981 Dr. Thaxter Dickey taught his first Florida College psychology course—stepping in for Doug Burgess, who was recovering from a stroke. A year later he took over Roscoe Knight’s psychology course.

“And after all these years, that’s still my claim to fame,” says Dickey. “I’m the only one who could replace both Roscoe Knight and Doug Burgess.”

Hannah Mullins is leading His way

Hannah Mullins has always wanted to be a teacher.

The seeds of her planned career were quietly planted all those days she helped her mother out in her elementary school classrooms. “I would go and read to her class,” Hannah says, “or go and help out on special days or field trips. It’s always been in the back of my mind; it wasn’t a hard decision.”