Becky Barlar, a professor of music at Florida College, was installed as the president of the Florida State Music Teachers Association at the end of the organization’s state conference in October.

The Florida State Music Teachers Association (FMSTA) is an organization whose members are professionally engaged in teaching music and dedicated to the advancement of music in the state of Florida.

Barlar was elected as president-elect of FSMTA two years ago. Her election is a six-year commitment, including two years as president-elect, two years as president of the FSMTA and two years as president of the Florida State Music Teachers Foundation. Following her term, Barlar will have the opportunity to continue to be involved with the FSMTA as a director of the executive board.

Prior to her election, Barlar served the Mid-State Music Teachers Association, a local affiliate of FSMTA, as president, vice president for membership, secretary and treasurer. She has also served as president and treasurer of district nine of FSMTA. She received a certificate of experience as a teacher of piano from FMSTA, and she also holds the distinction of being a Music Teachers National Association permanent professional certified teacher of music in piano.

Barlar’s exceptional experience in the field of music education is a tremendous asset to Florida College’s music programs.