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Florida College Will Award First Scholarships From Alumni Credit Cards

Florida College will award the first scholarships funded by credit cards from Suncoast Credit Union this fall. Students will receive a total of $8,000 in scholarships from the college's affinity credit card program. According to Adam Olson, Florida College's director of alumni relations, the outstanding support of alumni and friends using these credit cards made it possible to raise enough funds to start awarding scholarships to deserving students. “The Florida College credit cards offered by Suncoast Credit Union provide another opportunity for alumni and friends of the college to support student scholarships,” Olson said. “It requires minimal effort, but with enough support, it generates a major impact." This fall, Florida College will begin annual distribution of $8,000 in scholarships from the credit card program. This year’s funds will be used to support high-achieving academic and athletic students as originally intended, but the function of the program is changing. Moving forward, Florida College will be changing the program and the way future scholarship dollars are awarded. In order to provide the maximum amount of financial help to students, the two card accounts, both academic and athletic, will be merged into a single account. From now on, all money generated from both credit card styles from Suncoast Credit Union will be combined in one account to provide ongoing support to students. This modification will not require a new credit card or any other changes for card holders. The money raised from the entire program will now be used to provide scholarships for the children of Florida College alumni or members of The Hutchinson Bell. As usage of the Suncoast credit card grows, the amount of annual scholarships will grow as well. “This change to the [...]

August 11th, 2017|

Tania Steele is learning His way.

Growing up in Orlando, Florida, Tania Steele heard countless stories about the lifelong friendships she could build and the social and spiritual environment she could experience at Florida College from members of her local congregation and friends at Florida Camp. “I made up my mind to at least try it.” Tania said. “I ended up loving it and staying for four years." Tania was actively involved at her high school, participating in a variety of sports teams and extracurricular organizations while working toward a GPA that earned her the honor of valedictorian. Now Tania is just as involved on campus at Florida College while she works toward her bachelor's degree. She has served as the female athletic director for Arete and the secretary for Rotaract and is a member of Ladies of Virtue and Excellence and Phi Theta Kappa. In addition to her other activities, Tania has also spent the last two summers traveling the country as Florida College Camp Friend. She loves using her role to be a positive influence in the lives of the young people she meets and hopes some of them will choose to do the same thing someday. "I loved my experience as a camper,” Tania said. “When I was watching the Camp Friends, I knew I wanted to be in that position to share my experiences at Florida College and try to help another person consider doing what I did.” Although she loves to be involved, Tania maintains a strong emphasis on academics. She is about to begin her final year in the organizational communication program, combining her passion for both communication and business. The program provides her with a broad range of knowledge and skills to [...]

August 1st, 2017|

Shawn and Diane Bain Serve 30 Years at Florida College Kamp Kennessee

Shawn and Diane Bain have been serving Florida College Kamp Kennessee for 30 years. Both former Florida College students, the Bains began their service to Kamp Kennessee by spending two years supporting the camp as counselors and have been working as camp directors ever since. "Every year, we are blessed to watch children come together and become friends in a safe environment to grow spiritually and socially,” Diane Bain said. “Camp gives us an avenue to share our story and what we believe Florida College can provide them when it is time to enter college.” Through their service to Kamp Kennessee, the Bains have had the opportunity to influence the lives of countless young people. Thanks to their work, camp is a place where campers can come together and connect with others of like faith and hold on to those friends year after year. They focus on providing biblical teaching and a taste of what life at Florida College is like. Florida College’s chief advancement officer, Martin Adams, sent his three daughters to Kamp Kennessee so they could benefit from the Bains’ good work. He believes their value to the camp and the college is far above rubies. "Kids need a variety of role models and situations in which to grow up as a Christian,” Adams said. "We have always considered the Bains to be one of our strongest parenting partners. For our children to have the Bains year after year providing godly influence was huge for us.” A previous camper, Coulter Wickerham, attributes his decision to attend Florida College and the experience he enjoyed there to his time at Kamp Kennessee and the efforts of the Bains. Now as a camp counselor and [...]

July 27th, 2017|

National Association of Scholars Recognizes Florida College’s Common Reading

The National Association of Scholars (NAS) recognizes Florida College’s Common Reading program in "Beach Books 2016-2017: What Do Colleges Want Students to Read Outside Class?”, a comprehensive report on common readings at 348 colleges in 46 states across the nation. The annual NAS report concludes that common reading selections at most institutions are predictable, published within the last two decades and focused on promoting progressive messages. Florida College is listed as an Honorable Mention alongside eight other colleges with reading requirements that rise above the typical standard. In contrast to most institutions, Florida College’s Common Reading program for the 2016-2017 academic year required two readings: Pericles’ "Funeral Oration" and Abraham Lincoln’s "Gettysburg Address.” According to the NAS report, “Florida College deserves acclaim both for the quality of its common readings this year and for the continuing high quality of its selections.” Florida College was also featured in an NAS article by David Randall, the association’s director of communications, asserting that the college is an example of best practice in common reading programs. “Florida College shows that colleges can select Common Readings that introduce students to the best thoughts and words of the past, and that are as timely now as when they were written,” Randall said. Based in New York, New York, the NAS works to foster intellectual freedom and to sustain the tradition of reasoned scholarship and civil debate in America’s colleges and universities. The association recommends colleges should select better books "to welcome incoming freshmen to the life of the mind.” Florida College’s Common Reading sections continually strive after this goal. Some previous selections have included “Flatland” by Edwin Abbott Abbott, "The Abolition of Man” by C. S. Lewis, the U.S. [...]

July 14th, 2017|

Tanner Pearson is leading His way.

Kamp Kennessee played a major role in Tanner Pearson’s decision to come to Florida College. Now he is traveling the country as a Camp Friend, leading campers’ lives closer to God, helping them build better relationships with one another and ensuring they have loads of fun, all while planting the seeds of a Florida College education. "We always viewed Camp Friends as a big deal at Kamp Kennessee,” Tanner said. "To see myself in that position to interact with kids from so many different backgrounds and be able to try to spread the influence of Florida College and encourage as many kids as I can is an incredible opportunity.” As a senior from Bowling Green, Kentucky, Tanner came to Florida College to study in the organizational communication program and prepare for a career in medical device sales. His time in the classroom has given him a foundation of knowledge in both business and communication which will benefit him as he begins work after graduation. In addition to his studies, Tanner is actively involved on campus. He is a member of Phi Sigma Chi and served as the society president during his sophomore year. He was also elected to the SBGA as a freshman class officer and served diligently in that role. Tanner has had more opportunities to get involved at Florida College than he might have had at another institution. "Florida College is a unique environment and presents a lot of interesting opportunities to get involved,” he said. “The ability you have to spread your influence and to hone your leadership skills is really good.” Tanner believes that Florida College has helped him to grow physically, socially, academically and spiritually during some of the most [...]

July 6th, 2017|

Florida College Chorus and Chamber Singers Receive Medals at International Competition

The Florida College Chorus and Chamber Singers received two gold medals and one silver medal at the Anton Bruckner Choir Competition and Festival in Linz, Austria. "The quality of competition, dedication of effort by our chorus and chamber singers, and direction of professors Bassett and Moore, speak of the ability and quality of our school of music,” Dr. Brian Crispell, academic dean, said. At their first-ever international competition, the groups performed in three categories: mixed choirs with a compulsory piece, sacred choir music and chamber choir. The Florida College Chorus, led by Dr. Jon Bassett, received first place in mixed choirs and third place in sacred choir music. The chorus was also selected to compete in the final round alongside six other choirs. The Florida College Chamber Singers, led by Tim Moore, received third place in chamber choir. Bassett began to plan for the choir competition over a year ago and selected literature for the competition in early fall 2016. The chorus training and rehearsals were oriented toward competitive singing focusing on healthy vocal technique, rhythm, pitch and diction. "By focusing on the fundamentals of good singing and musicianship we began to achieve better results,” Bassett said. "The students were highly motivated and rose to the level of competition." The sixth Anton Bruckner Choir Competition and Festival was hosted by INTERKULTUR, a non-profit organization seeking to bring countries together through peaceful competition in music. INTERKULTUR competitions are open to all non-professional choirs, so groups from all over the world have an opportunity to gain international festival and competition experience and compete according to their level of artistic achievement. In addition to performing in an international competition, the students experienced the rich history and culture [...]

June 22nd, 2017|

Florida College Falcons Join NAIA and SSAC

The Florida College Falcons will join the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and the Southern States Athletic Conference (SSAC) effective July 1, 2017. Florida College’s athletic director, Pat Todd, led the application process to join both the NAIA and SSAC, and President Payne is confident membership will be a benefit to the institution. “This new athletic affiliation will help raise the quality of our athletic programs for our students, not only in the level of competition, but also in terms of NAIA’s emphasis on academics and character,” Payne said. The NAIA is a governing body of small athletics programs that are dedicated to character-driven intercollegiate athletics. Also joining the association in 2017 are six other colleges: Cleary University, College of St. Joseph, Life Pacific College, Oklahoma Panhandle State University, Rust College and University of Maine at Fort Kent. Four of the new members were previously affiliated with the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA), while the other two came from the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) and NCAA. “We’re excited to welcome these seven outstanding institutions to the NAIA,” Jim Carr, NAIA president and chief executive officer, said. “Each of these schools value character-driven athletics and are a great fit for our association.” NAIA schools must meet membership criteria that include financial stability, sports sponsorship, accreditation and a commitment to character-driven athletics. In line with these ideals, Florida College athletics are consistently dedicated to developing the whole person and representing the college’s mission with excellence. Florida College will also join the SSAC, a conference within the NAIA with 10 member institutions across Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. The conference sponsors 17 intercollegiate sports, culminating in 17 conference championship events held annually [...]

June 20th, 2017|

Florida College Hosts Labor Camp 2017

Florida College hosted a total of 55 participants on campus at Labor Camp on June 4-9, 2017. The volunteers at the 13th annual camp donated nearly 1,500 hours of labor, saving the college more than $45,000. To date, Labor Camp has now saved Florida College approximately $475,000. Labor Camp operates on Florida College’s campus each summer under the supervision of the director of alumni relations, Adam Olson. This year’s camp was directed by Craig Bean, the original Labor Camp director, Florida College alumnus and president of The Hutchinson Bell. This year’s Labor Camp participants completed a variety of projects to improve campus: Painted the interior of Henderson Dining Hall and half the third-floor suites in Boswell Hall Completed landscaping by the Student Center and Legacy Courtyard Constructed new classroom podiums Rewired lighting in Puckett Auditorium Relocated lockers and cleared brush at Florida College Academy Relocated education materials and painted shelving in Chatlos Library Cleaned classrooms Thank you to all the dedicated volunteers who participated in this year’s Labor Camp!

June 14th, 2017|

Florida College Chorus and Chamber Singers Will Compete in Austria

The Florida College Chorus and Chamber Singers will travel to compete in the sixth International Anton Bruckner Choir Competition and Festival in Linz, Austria on June 11-18, 2017! Led by Dr. Jon Bassett and Tim Moore, students in both ensembles will begin their trip in Salzburg with two days of learning about the rich musical history of the city. The ensembles will then begin the four-day international competition in Linz. Students will compete in the choral and ensemble divisions against international groups and perform in the surrounding communities. This will be the first time a Florida College fine arts ensemble has traveled to an overseas competition and will provide a significant opportunity to compete in an international context. "It's a great opportunity for our students to sing in some of the worlds greatest venues and see the places several of the composers we are learning about through their compositions worked and lived," Bassett said. "It brings history and art into a more tangible experience they will share with their friends and cherish for a lifetime." The Anton Bruckner Choir Competition and Festival is hosted by INTERKULTUR, a non-profit organization seeking to bring countries together through peaceful competition in music. INTERKULTUR competitions are open to all non-professional choirs, so groups from all over the world have an opportunity to gain international festival and competition experience and compete according to their level of artistic achievement. This year’s competition, dedicated to Anton Bruckner, will include 19 international choirs from 12 countries. "Choral music is a cultural tradition around the world," Bassett said. "Sharing the love of choral music with other cultures brings people together and it is a catalyst for developing a broader perspective of self, [...]

June 8th, 2017|

Noelani Lee is living His way.

Although Noelani Lee is the first person from her family to attend Florida College, she has heard countless stories of the friendships formed and memories made at the school. "Meeting people and hearing about their experiences with the school was what made me decide to come to Florida College,” Noelani said. “Any time I talked to people from my congregation or older friends who had gone here, their experiences were overwhelmingly positive.” Many of the stories Noelani heard about Florida College were from volunteers at Florida College Oregon Camp. She grew up attending the camp, and she had countless opportunities to build relationships with campers, counselors and Camp Friends. Noelani came to study in the liberal studies program at Florida College so she could enjoy the same kinds of experiences she had at camp. She is studying in the pre-professional health sciences program to become a Physician Assistant. She is also actively involved on campus with Zeta Phi Epsilon and the Health Science Association. Now that she's a student, the memories she has of her Camp Friends over the years inspired her to become a Camp Friend and impact other young people. "I remember looking up to my camp friends so much,” Noelani sad. "Now when I’m in that situation, it’s a lot of pressure but it is also one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.” As a Camp Friend, Noelani gets to spend the summer traveling across the country with a group of friends to attend Florida College camps. Throughout her journeys, she has been able to stay in the homes of Florida College alumni and friends in many different cities and states. That allows her to learn more about them [...]

June 1st, 2017|