May 1962

The Florida College Board of Directors transformed the area that housed the campus maintenance shed into the hub of scientific study at Florida College today. Their decision to add more on-campus classroom space prompted the construction of the 140 x 30’ two-story concrete-block structure, an endeavor of $40,000. It was named the Science-Music Building and it served in this capacity for 20 years. When the Music Department was moved into the then-new Hailey-King Building in 1982, the Science-Music Building was renamed in honor of J.W. and Nellie Akin of Longview, Texas, who provided essential financial support to the College during the 1950s.


Nearly 23% of our applicants claim majors relating to health science. The College has responded by adding a health science component to the Liberal Studies program, which allows students to fulfill requirements for related health science graduate work. With such demand for growth, an investment in our facilities is essential for our current and prospective students as well as overall enrollment. The Akin Building currently houses both the math and science departments. Although there have been some recent aesthetic improvements to two classrooms and minimal changes to the labs, there is now a legitimate need for significant renovations.

We Envision

New classrooms, new air conditioning and lab ventilation systems, total lab renovation, electrical upgrades, new windows and doors, and a Mediterranean-themed exterior to match Boswell and Terrace Halls. The work will be divided into two phases:

Phase One will include interior renovations and upgrades.
Phase Two will enhance the structure’s exterior, including a Mediterranean tile roof.

Join us in making this vision a reality. Your investment will help shape the careers of future healthcare professionals who will serve both God and their fellow man.

Consider an opportunity to inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals. The total estimated project cost is $1.5 million. We ask you to join forces with other alumni and friends of the College to help see us through the financing of this project