Advance Registration FAQ

What is Advance Registration?

Advance Registration is a way for you to set up your fall class schedule during the summer prior to your arrival at Florida College.

Why should I participate in Advance Registration?

There are several advantages. First, you get to pick your classes earlier, and the earlier you register, the more likely you are to get the classes you prefer at the times you choose. Second, instead of registering during orientation, you will be able to spend that time with your academic advisor discussing how Florida College can help you meet your academic and career goals.

What are Registration Periods?

Two registration periods are scheduled during the summer: June 10-21 and July 24-August 7. During this period students will be registered by an Academic Advisor for their fall classes. See the schedule below for eligibility deadlines.

How do I qualify to participate in Advance Registration?

To register for classes, you must be admitted to Florida College and have submitted your ACT/SAT scores prior to the deadline for each registration period (see schedule below).

How do I get a First Priority Invitation?

A First Priority invitation will be sent to students who have what we call a “completed file” by May 24. This means you must be admitted and have submitted all your post-acceptance documents.

Your Admissions Counselor is the best person to help you qualify for First Priority Advance Registration. You can find your Admissions Counselor here.

How do I schedule my appointment?

All students who qualify are invited to participate in the next scheduled registration period according to the schedule below. The invitation will direct you to an online RSVP questionnaire where you provide the information we need to create your registration file.  Once you submit your RSVP questionnaire you will be directed to a scheduling page where you can choose an available date and time for your registration appointment.

What if I can’t keep my appointment?

Because the number of registration appointments is limited, only cancel your appointment under extreme circumstances. If, however, something comes up, you can find a rescheduling option on the confirmation email you received when you scheduled your appointment. Please note that because our advisors individually prepare for each appointment, this rescheduling option is only available upon 48 hours notice.

Can I register at a Florida College Summer Camp?

Our summer camps are not equipped for Advance Registration. Please keep your camp schedule in mind when you schedule your appointment. Have a blast at camp!

Who will register me for classes?

Advance Registration advisors are Florida College faculty and staff that work over the summer to register all incoming students for their fall classes. You will receive notification of your academic advisor after you are registered for classes. You will meet with them one-on-one during orientation in August.

Do I have to come to Florida for registration?

No, but if you’re in the area, we’ll be happy to host you in our offices for registration. If you’d like to schedule a tour of campus while you’re here, we can put you in touch with someone to take you on a tour customized to your interests.

How do I know which classes to sign up for?

After your appointment is scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email that contains links to some information we ask  you to review prior to your appointment.  We suggest that you write down any questions you may have for your Advance Registration advisor.

During your appointment we’ll guide you through the process of selecting classes that meet your academic goals. We allow up to an hour for each appointment so that we can answer all your questions.

How important is it for me to decide my major now?

We want to help students determine a major early in their college career because the further you advance in a degree program the more complicated it becomes to change your major. For guidance on choosing a major contact the Advising Office or browse a list of our degree programs.

How do I bring my dual enrollment/CLEP/AP credits to Florida College?

The RSVP questionnaire asks that you list these classes. You should prepare a list of those courses to provide on the questionnaire. If you are bringing more than 18 college credit hours, we must have at least an unofficial transcript prior to your registration appointment in order to register you for classes. You will have an opportunity to upload an electronic transcript in your RSVP questionnaire, or you may fax them to our admissions office at 813.899.1799.

Keep in mind the college cannot confirm credits until we have an official transcript. An official transcript for all college credit must be received and reviewed by our Registrar’s office prior to the start of classes.

Additional Questions?

Call 813.988.5131 x274

We’re glad to help!

Advance Registration Schedule

Registration Period 1
Registration Period 2
Eligibility Deadline
May 24
July 15
First Priority Invitation Sent
May 31
Invitations Sent
June 5
July 17
Registration Period
June 10-21
July 24-Aug 7