Why Florida College?

Many in modern academia are launching an attack on our young people. They are not using weapons designed to inflict physical harm, but instead use scientific theory, modern philosophy, and the doctrine of tolerance. The landscape of the college classroom has changed dramatically in the last 100 years and the typical college professor does not see their role as one of instruction in a discipline. Rather, they see it as their responsibility to influence these students to a different and better way of thinking than what is encouraged by parents-a way of thinking that often leaves little room, if any, for God.

This is not the case at Florida College. Here, we continue to provide an environment where all of our courses are taught by Christians through a biblical worldview. Rather than espousing theories and teachings that shun the Word of God, students are encouraged to delve into the Scriptures to find answers that strengthen their faith, while getting an outstanding education in an ever growing number of disciplines here on our campus.

We want to provide this opportunity to as many young Christians as we can in the coming years. If you are interested in learning more about Florida College, please contact the Office of Enrollment Management at

You can also call us toll-free at 800.326.7655. We look forward to seeing you on campus!

Paul Casebolt

Director of Enrollment Management