Refer a Student

One of our goals is to increase the number of names in our prospect database. The more prospective students we can contact, the more likely it is that every student who might want to attend FC will get that opportunity.

We can easily increase our database with the help of a network of supporters like you—our alumni and friends—who know firsthand our product and its tremendous value. Please help us get the names of every student who might be interested in experiencing Florida College.

Please take a few minutes and send us the name of every prospect you know—family members, friends, and acquaintances. In return, we promise that these names will be entered in our database and used only to mail information about Florida College and Florida College Summer Camps.

Thank you for caring enough to help students who might otherwise miss out on such a unique experience.

Prospective Student Referral Form

I would like to refer a potential student to Florida College. Their contact and personal information are as follows: