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The Admissions team is here to answer any questions you have about Florida College, and to make coming to FC as easy as possible. Call us anytime at 800.326.7655. You can also send a fax to 813.899.1799 or fill out a contact form.

The Admissions Team

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Director of Admissions

In 1997 Paul chose to attend Florida College in order to get a solid academic foundation and be encouraged spiritually by the professors, staff, administration and fellow students. In 2010, after seven years in admissions work, Paul had an opportunity to return to Florida College as the Director of Admissions & Retention Services where he now oversees all things related to the recruitment and retention functions of the college.

If you ask him why he decided to make the leap to Temple Terrace, he can answer you in two words: the students.

“I wanted an opportunity to work with and to serve this amazing student body. I am impressed on an almost daily basis by the selfless, excited attitude they take towards their studies, both academic and spiritual and the way they work to be the kind of lights in the world that we read about in the Bible.”

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Admissions Data Coordinator

As admissions data coordinator, Colleen uses her thorough knowledge of the system to make Florida College attainable for as many prospective students as possible, from keeping track of items needed for submission to checking for available academic scholarships. She also serves as admissions counselor to all international students.

Though she is not an alumnus, Colleen has been involved in Florida College long before she began working there.

“Between 2004 and 2012 all three of my children attended Florida College. They had such great experiences, so when a position became available, I knew it would be a terrific job.”

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Camp Relations Coordinator

After graduating from Florida College, Jordon spent a few years in public relations where he worked in the corporate world and the country music industry.

He enjoyed his work, but upon returning to his alma mater, he recognized the difference of working with Christians who share a common goal.

“The corporate world puts business first. Florida College puts God first. I’m blessed to be a part of a place where everyone’s personal and spiritual goals are completely understood.”

As the coordinator for camp relations, Jordon has a hand in everything admissions-related, most notably the organization and leadership of the Camp Friends.

He came back to his alma mater to serve, and describes the experience as serving him in return.

“Working with potential Florida College students and the Camp Friends has been uplifting and influential for me. Serving others makes you appreciate the world in a completely different way.”

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Senior Admissions Counselor

Keri spends much of her time on the road, visiting with students in schools and in homes. When she’s in town, she oversees prospective student calls, lending her experience to student tele counselors.

She has a passion for trying new things, which often manifests in the form of exploring every hole-in-the-wall restaurant the Tampa Bay area can offer. When she tried Florida College, she loved everything about it. But for her, attending wouldn’t have been possible without a little help.

“I had a wonderful admissions counselor who walked me through the entire process. I love what I do, because I get to pay it forward to prospective students and the College as a whole.”

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Admissions Counselor

Born in Gresham, Ore., Ali Beth Shropshire traveled a long way from home to become your admissions counselor—but its not the first time she’s made the journey.

“As a student, I made many Christian connections that still benefit me today. I came back to help prospective students experience the awesome sense of community that I did when I was a student here.”

Ali graduated from Florida College with her associate’s in 2006 and went on to work in the medical field as a surgery coordinator. Now she works to encourage students and help prospective students through the application process any way she can.

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Campus Visit Specialist

As the youngest member of the admissions team, Virginia recalls the exciting and sometimes stressful admission process is still fresh in her mind.

“I know that even a friendly voice on the phone can make a difference. I want to be that for students and parents.”

Virginia gets to offer that encouragement in person as our Campus Visits Specialist, where she’s happy to share her excitement about her alma mater and answer any questions you might have about Florida College.

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Admissions Counselor

In 2009 Saif arrived at Florida College with a soccer scholarship and a desire to grow his talents at the collegiate level. He went on to lead the Falcons to the 2011 national tournament game, and later be signed by the Tampa Marauders FC, a semi-pro soccer club.

In coming to Florida College, Saif got what he came for, but he left with much more.

Due to the influence of several students and his Bible professor, Mr. Longstreth, Saif obeyed the gospel his senior year.

“I believe I can help give back to a place that’s given me so much,” he said. “I came here four years ago with very little; four years later, I have more than I could’ve asked for.”

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