Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships at Florida College are outright grants to qualified students and do not require repayment. When we process your application for admission we will automatically determine if you are eligible for an academic scholarship.

Academic Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen

High school graduates applying to Florida College who meet certain criteria become automatically eligible for the following academic scholarships:

GPACriteriaAnnual Award Amount*
President's Merit ScholarsNational Merit Finalist or Semi-Finalist
Full Tuition
President's Scholars3.65Act 32+ or SAT 1410+Determined By
Scholarship Committee
Dean's Scholars3.55ACT 30+ or SAT 1 1330+$2,570
Florida College Scholars3.40ACT 27–29 or SAT 1 1210–1320$1,870
Achievement Scholars3.00ACT 23–26 or SAT 1 1050–1200$1,290

Note 1: SAT 1 represents the total critical reading and math scores combined. Florida College does not use the writing portion of the SAT 1 test for scholarship eligibility. ACT represents the composite score of all main sections of the exam. The additional writing component score is not used.

Note 2: If a high school student has earned 24+ credit hours of college dual-enrollment transfer credit with the accompanying GPA, the student may be eligible for scholarship as a “transfer student.” Determination will be made by the Admissions Department.

Note 3: If a student has graduated from high school and has no college credit the academic scholarship will be based upon high school academic work and test scores.

Academic Scholarships for Transfer Students

Students transferring from other colleges who have completed between 24 and 30 credit hours with a qualifying cumulative GPA are also eligible for academic scholarships:

Credit Hours
Two Semesters
Credit Hours
One Semester
Annual Award Amount
President's Scholars
(AT 32+ or SAT 1 1410+)
3015+3.65Determined by
Scholarship Committee
Dean's Scholars3015+3.55$2,570
Florida College Scholars2412+3.40$1,870
Achievement Scholars2412+3.00$1,290

Note 1: A part-time college student may be eligible for academic scholarship if their transfer credit spans more than two semesters but is equal to 12+ hours with appropriate GPA.

Note 2: A transfer student who has earned less than 12 hours of college work will have their academic scholarship eligibility based upon their high school academic work and their test scores. Their college credit must have the appropriate GPA.


* Divided between two semesters equally 

Each scholarship recipient must meet all Academic Admission Requirements. All scholarships are forfeited if the student is placed on academic or disciplinary probation.