Financial Aid

The very first step to receiving financial aid is applying to Florida College:

Fill out  the FAFSA

It is best to fill out and complete all of these applications at the same time. You don’t need to wait for your acceptance letter before filling out the FAFSA. As soon as you’ve sent in your application for admission go ahead and fill out the FAFSA as well.

The sooner you fill out these applications, the more money will be available to help you. So get started early!

What to Do Next

Consider Florida College Departmental Scholarships

If you are a talented singer, musician, athlete or debater, you may qualify for a departmental scholarship from Florida College.

Consider Florida College Endowed Scholarships

There are scholarships established by generous donors for students to study at Florida College that you may qualify for. Contact your the financial aid office to be considered for an endowed scholarship.

Use Scholarship Search Engines

There are several high-quality web sites that match you against thousands of scholarships to find additional opportunities for you.

Consider Military Aid

If you are a soldier or the child of a soldier, there may be scholarships or other aid opportunities for you.

Special Opportunities for Florida Residents

If you already live in Florida and would like to study at Florida College, there are several special financial aid opportunities for you.

Price Calculator

Find out what financial aid you might be eligible for. This will also estimate the cost for an entire school year at Florida College.

Consider College Loans

When scholarships and grants don’t go far enough, college loans are the next stop.

Consider Working on Campus

There are convenient employment opportunities for you right on our campus.

Consider The Florida College Adopt Program

If you have exhausted every channel of financial aid and are still coming up short, the Florida College Adopt Program may be just what you need.