Liberal Arts Essay

Liberal Arts Essay FAQ

Why are the reading and the essay required?

Florida College wants you to have every reasonable opportunity to be successful and to complete your education.

From the very beginning, part of your satisfaction with your experience at FC will be linked to how well you understand the purpose, value, and benefits of a Liberal Arts degree.

This exercise is not difficult. Take the time and apply yourself, and you will gain a deeper understanding of your academic experience. You will come away understanding the point and purpose behind the courses you take.

Why is there a “Common Reading?” Why do I have to read essays written by Florida College faculty?

Through both experience and education, the FC faculty have unique and relevant views of the value and applications of a liberal arts education. So, it is worth your time to read and reflect on their viewpoints before you form your own.

I am a new student. Why do I have to write an essay now, before I arrive at FC?

Some studies indicate that the sooner students begin to really think hard about the benefits of a liberal arts education, the more likely they are to succeed in college. One reason for this may be that they form more specific academic goals and develop more mature expectations of themselves.

I wrote an essay last year! Why do I have to do it again?

You are required to write an essay in each of your freshman and sophomore years. The purpose of this repetition is to make you think about this subject as you progress through your studies. The content of your writing should reflect a deeper understanding of the topic as you mature as a student.

If I have college credits or AP credits in English or writing and composition, do I still have to write this essay?

Yes you do. This is not an English assignment. It will not be graded, but it may not be waived.

Is this a graded exercise?

No. It is a pre-registration requirement. You do not have to be concerned about a grade.

What happens if I just don’t do it?

Since this reading and writing exercise is a requirement of the Florida College quality plan, you may not register until you have completed and submitted this exercise.

To whom do I send my essay?

You must submit your essay online here.

Whom do I contact if I have questions?

Dr. Walker is also the appropriate person to contact with questions. You may call him at 813.988.5131 x270 or email him at