STOA Bibliography

In an effort to improve the academic environment for its students, the college is developing a quality enhancement plan focused on improving student learning. The acronym for this plan is STOA: Success through Tutoring, Orientation, and Advising. This three fold plan is designed to help students understand and value a liberal arts education, motivate them to set high standards and work persistently toward them, and enable them to succeed academically by providing them with the resources to do so. Below are some resources with more information, available in the Florida College library.

For Students

Call Number Author Title
158.3 A549i Anderson, Rob Interviewing
248.83 B927h Budziszewski, J. How to stay Christian in college
331.702 F239f Farr, J. Michael 50 best jobs for your personality
331.702 F239t Farr, J. Michael 200 best jobs for college graduates
331.702 L716b Lieber, Ron Best entry-level jobs
332.7 C976s Curran, Sheila J. Smart moves for liberal arts graduates
371.3 D312h Morgan, Clifford Thomas How to study
371.3 L856s Longman, Debbie Guice Study methods and reading techniques
372.13 B658h Blumenfeld, Samuel L. How to tutor
378.15 P324c Paul, Earl E. Conducting great meetings
378.15 P324h Paul, Earl E. How to get what you want out of life!
378.15 P324k Paul, Earl E. Knock their socks off with the interviewing edge
378.15 P324p Paul, Earl E. Public speaking
378.16 G394i Getz, Malcolm Investing in college
378.16 M154c McKee, Cynthia Ruiz Cash for College’s write it right
378.17 K161c Kanar, Carol C. The confident student
378.17 W234s 1986 Walter, Tim Student success
378.198 A854w Astin, Alexander W. What matters in college?
378.198 H732c The college success reader
378.198 S824o Orientation to college
378.198 T984b Tyler, Suzette Been there, should’ve done that
378.3 E47b Ellis, David B. Becoming a master student
378.3 S368 Schlachter, Gail A. Scholarships
378.3 T161g Tanabe, Gen S. Get free cash for college 2008
378.73 C697j Colleges that encourage character development
378.73 P278l Liberal arts colleges and liberal arts education
650.1 P639g Pilate, Victoria Dorm rooms to boardrooms
650.14 A825h Asher, Donald How to get any job with any major
658.4 P324s Paul, Earl E. So you want to be a leader?
796.07 S562g Shulman, James Lawrence The game of life

For Faculty

Call Number Author Title
174.9 R674r Rocheleau, Jordy Rights and wrongs in the college classroom
361.37 C734d Community-based learning and the work of literature
370.114 E56e Encouraging civility as a community college leader
370.114 R777f Rookstool, Judy Fostering civility on campus
370.9 G786g The great tradition
371.1 R918r Ruebling, Charles E. Redesigning schools for success
371.102 B828s Breaux, Annette L. Seven simple secrets
371.102 P175c Palmer, Parker J. The courage to teach
371.102 Z53b Zemelman, Steven. Best practice
371.27 S844i Stevens, Dannelle D. Introduction to rubrics
371.3 B745r Boss, Suzie Reinventing project-based learning
371.3 G876h Gronlund, Norman Edward Writing instructional objectives for teaching and assessment
371.334 H498r Hendron, John G. RSS for educators
371.4 U89 The Utilization of classroom peers as behavior change agents
372.13 B658h Blumenfeld, Samuel L. How to tutor
374 D148m Daloz, Laurent A. Mentor
378.01 A427a Allen, Mary J. Assessing general education programs
378.1 F178l Falchikov, Nancy Learning together
378.1 F676f Florida College The Florida College STOA
378.1 M154t 2006 McKeachie, Wilbert James McKeachie’s teaching tips
378.1 W488l Leadership in place
378.1 W615p Whitman, Neal Peer teaching
378.11 H635e Higgerson, Mary Lou Effective leadership communication
378.11 L487c Lees, N. Doug Chairing academic departments
378.12 B162w Bain, Ken What the best college teachers do
378.12 B557t Bess, James L. Teaching alone, teaching together
378.12 L933n Lucas, Christopher J. New faculty
378.12 M154t McKeachie, Wilbert James Teaching tips
378.125 B265s Barkley, Elizabeth F. Student engagement techniques
378.125 D261t Davis, Barbara Gross Tools for teaching
378.125 E16a Eble, Kenneth Eugene The aims of college teaching
378.125 L918m Lowman, Joseph Mastering the techniques of teaching
378.125 S529c Shapiro, Nancy Sherman Creating learning communities
378.125 U72l Urban, Hal Lessons from the classroom
378.167 W241e Walvoord, Barbara E. Fassler Effective grading
378.17 L438l Learning communities
378.17 S863c Small group instruction in higher education
378.17 S879s Supplemental instruction
378.19 B646t Bleeker, Karen Clos To be honest
378.19 F885u Upcraft, M. Lee The freshman year experience
378.19 K11c Kadison, Richard College of the overwhelmed
378.19 K81s Komives, Susan R. Student services
378.19 S381r Schroeder, Charles C. Realizing the educational potential of residence halls
378.194 A168g Academic advising
378.194 G665c Gordon, Virginia N. Career advising
378.194 K860f Faculty advising examined
378.194 K89s Kramer, Gary L. Student academic services
378.198 H483h Helping sophomores succeed
378.198 L373c Laufgraben, Jodi Levine Common reading programs
378.198 M135c McDonald, William M. Creating campus community
378.198 P278h v.2 Pascarella, Ernest T. How college affects students
378.198 S933k Student learning outside the classroom
378.198 U65c Upcraft, M. Lee Challenging and supporting the first-year student
378.198 W262d Designing successful transitions
378.73 B686o Bok, Derek Curtis Our underachieving colleges
378.73 C697j Colleges that encourage character development
378.73 H857m Howe, Neil Millennials go to college
378.73 L278c Langford, Thomas A. The Christian academic
378.73 P278l Liberal arts colleges and liberal arts education
378.73 S722b The soul of a Christian university
379.15 T136d Taking ownership of accreditation
379.15 W241a Walvoord, Barbara E. Fassler Assessment clear and simple