Music Graduation Requirements

Students planning to graduate from Florida College with the Bachelor of Arts degree in Music must complete all general requirements for graduation as published in the Florida College catalog, including the CAAP, as well as the specific requirements for the degree in music.

1. General Education Core Requirements

Students seeking to graduate from Florida College must complete 36 hours of general education requirements and three 3 physical education classes as described in the Florida College catalog.

2. Music Core

At least 57 hours of music courses, to include the following:

Music Theory 16 hours
(MUT 1111, 1241, 1112, 1242, 2116, 2246, 2117, 2247)
Music History 15 hours
MUL 1110 Intro to Music Literature
MUH 3211 Intro to Western Music I: Antiquity to 1750
MUH 3212 Intro to Western Music II: 1750 to 1900
MUH 4371 Twentieth-Century Music
MUH 4633 Music in the United States
Applied Lessons at least 12 hours
(Principal applied lessons for 2 hours credit per semester at the 1000-4000 level)
Half Recital 1 hour
(Recital consisting of at least 30 minutes of music)
Major Enembles at least 6 hours
(Chorus, Wind Ensemble, String Ensemble or Piano Ensemble. Students must enroll in the major ensemble that matches their principal instrument, e.g. string players must be in String Ensemble, wind and percussion players must be in Wind Ensemble, vocalists must be in Chorus and pianists must be in Piano Ensemble. Guitar majors may use Jazz Ensemble as their major ensemble.)
Class Piano for Music Majors (if not a piano principal) 2 hours
(MVK 1111 & 1112. Students with prior piano experience may take further private instruction or pass a piano proficiency examination.)
Voice Class (if not a voice principal) 1 hour
(MVV 1111)
Conducting 4 hours
(Conducting I and II)
Music Technology 1 hour
This course satisfies the computer literacy requirement for graduation.
Recital Attendance 0 hours
(At least 6 semesters with a Satisfactory grade)

3. Total Semester Hours

A minimum of 120 semester hours of accredited academic work, as well as all physical education requirements (see p. 69 in the catalogue).

4. Residency

Students must be in residence at Florida College for at least two semesters during the completion of 30 hours of upper division work—including at least 16 hours of upper-level music classes, one year of applied music lessons, and the senior recital.

5. Quality of work

Students must maintain a grade of C or higher in all required music courses, a GPA of at least 2.5 in music courses, and a 2.25 GPA overall.

6. Language Requirement

Students must demonstrate competency in a foreign language. This requirement may be met by taking two semesters of the same language or by passing an approved competency test.

7. Daily Bible Requirement

All students must take a Biblical Literature course each day that they take classes on the Florida College campus. Students living on campus must have a Biblical Literature class each class day.

8. Graduation Ceremony

Each candidate for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Music must participate in graduation exercises in the year of completing requirements. Exceptions may be approved only by the Academic Standards Committee.