Liberal Studies


Students planning to enter law school can customize a Liberal Studies program of study that will prepare them well, both for the competitive admissions process and for the academic rigor of law school. Admissions committees notice such distinguishing characteristics as the applicant’s initiative in planning his or her own interdisciplinary curriculum, the breadth of preparation in various disciplines the applicant brings to professional school, and the extent to which the applicant’s undergraduate program has involved critical thinking and writing.

For an extra mark of distinction in the law school application process, the pre-law student can choose the Honors Curriculum, which involves a four-semester engagement with many of the seminal texts of Western culture and which culminates in an interdisciplinary thesis project on a topic of the student’s choice.

Pre-law students often plan their programs of study to include such disciplines as American History, English, and Communication, along with Biblical Literature, which is a vital part of every Liberal Studies curriculum at Florida College. Where else can students include in-depth study of God’s revealed will, with teachers who are both well-qualified academics and faithful Christians, as part of their academic training?

View a sample four-year plan. 

View a sample four-year plan with honors.