Degree Programs/Majors

Liberal Studies

The Liberal Studies program allows students to customize an interdisciplinary upper-division curriculum balancing breadth of perspective with depth of exposure. It is rigorous, requiring students to undertake a challenging array of specialized courses; it is flexible, allowing students to explore the intersections between several disciplines, biblical literature, and at least one Great Books course. Liberal Studies majors have selected from such subject areas as business, history, communications, music, education and literature to shape courses of study that best fit their personal interests and academic goals.

The flexibility of the program may allow students with dual-enrollment or advanced placement credit to complete a bachelor’s degree in less than four years. The program also offers an honors track for students willing to undertake the challenges of completing a four-semester Great Books sequence and of writing an undergraduate thesis.

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies prepares students for graduate or professional school and for more effective service in the community, the family and the church.

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