Elementary Education

Elementary Education Admission and Graduation Requirements

The elementary education program has been designed to meet new Florida state requirements. All students will be required to satisfy current program requirements. Any questions should be directed to the Education Department chairperson.

A. Course Requirements

Students planning to graduate from Florida College with the Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education must complete all the requirements listed under the Departmental section of the Florida College catalog. This program has been developed to address the requirements of the State of Florida’s Department of Education, and it has very few elective courses and hours allowed. Any deviation from the specific courses should be approved ahead of time by the Education Department Chair. The requirements of the Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree take precedence over those listed in the Associate in Arts degree. Electives allowed in the general AA degree may not satisfy the courses required in this program. Students completing this program may be eligible for the AA degree. Contact the Department for details.

B. Total Semester Hours

The non-biblical academic and education courses total 113 credit hours. This does not include daily Bible courses during each term. The total number of hours will depend on the number of hours needed to complete the daily Bible requirements. Since there is some flexibility built into the Bible course selection, each student will graduate with varying numbers of credits, but probably no less than 133 credit hours for students who complete the entire elementary education degree program at Florida College.

C. Upper Division Program

Admission to the Upper Division portion of the Elementary Education Program is dependent upon the student following the admission process and meeting specific admission requirements. The process includes submission of an application and two references, one personal and one academic. It also involves submission of a written philosophy of education. The admission conditions that must be met for unconditional admission include demonstrating a cumulative GPA of 2.5 at the time of application and passing scores on all portions of the CLAST EXAM. Failure to follow this process and/or meet these conditions will prevent a student from being permitted to enroll in the elementary education upper division coursework. Contact the department with any questions.

D. Daily Bible Requirement

Students who begin as freshmen at Florida College must take all required Bible courses appropriate to their status as freshmen or sophomores. During the upper division semesters, students will have some flexible options for daily Bible courses which may be taken on a pass/fail basis. During the final internship semester, students take a one credit hour seminar in Biblical Ethics which meets once a week.

E. Residency

Students must complete 36 semester hours of their upper level work at Florida College in order to receive the Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. In practical terms, almost all upper division classes must be taken at Florida College to provide for continuity of the program as students study to become teachers.

F. Graduation Ceremony

Candidates for the Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education must participate in graduation exercises in the year of completing their other requirements. Any exceptions must be cleared with the Dean of the college.

G. Specific Details

Complete requirements and policies governing the granting of the degree are detailed in the Elementary Education Student Handbook available upon request from the Education Department.

H. State of Florida Teacher Certification Exams

In order to graduate, every student must pass three Florida Teacher Certification Exams: the General Knowledge Test, the Professional Education Exam, and the Subject Area Exam for K–6.