Degree Programs/Majors


The Bachelor of Arts in Communication gives students both the theoretical foundation and the applied skills to be a successful communication practitioner. Florida College provides its Communication students with a distinctive Christian atmosphere to earn their degree. Traditional topics such as persuasion and public relations are taught from the perspective of how a Christian should ethically communicate.

Communication is a discipline that allows students great flexibility in career choices. Employers traditionally rank the ability to communicate effectively as the most important skill its employees can possess. A communication degree focuses on the components of effective communication in a variety of contexts.

Florida College is a unique environment that understands the importance of the Christian walk. The skills and theories of communication give its practitioners influence and power. God tells us that communicators need to be especially mindful of how they communicate, what they communicate, and with whom they communicate (James 3:3-6). Communication at Florida College is taught by credentialed Ph.D.s with professional experience in both performance and mass media.

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