Associate of Arts

Associate of Arts Graduation Requirements

The Associate in Arts degree emphasizes broad, general education requirements and no distinction is made with regard to majors. Students planning to pursue higher degrees are advised to take courses which will prepare them for their intended majors. Students planning to pursue the Associate degree must complete the requirements listed below in addition to the completion of the Core General Education requirements.


A minimum of one year including a minimum of fifteen semester hours credit must be completed at Florida College. A student must be registered in order to be able to graduate except as specified below “Without a Diploma,” or he has fulfilled all graduation requirements and desires to graduate with the next class.

Total Semester Hours

Students seeking the Associate in Arts degree must pass required general education core courses and elective hours sufficient to make a total of 60 hours plus a minimum of one course of physical education activity. If the student elects to take HLP 2081, Health and Wellness, he may include that course in the 60 hours for graduation and also count it as one of the physical education required for graduation.

Entrance Requirements

All admission requirements must be satisfied.

Quality of Work

A minimum quality point average of 2.00 or above on all work attempted and a minimum of 2.00 on all Florida College work are required for the AA degree. The student must achieve a grade of “C” or above in courses applied toward meeting the area requirements in English and mathematics. The student will also be required to achieve a grade of “C” or above in at least four courses applied toward the area requirements in humanities, social science, foreign language and behavioral science. Students seeking credit toward the AA degree for course work completed prior to 1982 will be required to meet standards established under Florida State Law 6A-10.30 and 6A-10.31. The CLAST exam was required through 2008. Students must show evidence of completion of coursework in English, Math and other Gordon Rule classes with sufficient grades to establish achievement levels at current standards.

CAAP (College Assessment of Academic Proficiency)

Fourth semester sophomores will be required to pass the CAAP. The CAAP is a standardized test developed by the Educational Testing Service that allows colleges and universities to assess student achievement at the sophomore level. The results can be used individually by the student to determine strengths and weaknesses and to measure progress since taking the ACT. Primarily the test is designed to evaluate the core curriculum of participating institutions as a part of their outcomes assessment program.

Graduation Ceremony

Candidates for the Associate in Arts degree must participate in graduation exercises.

Without a Diploma

Any student who is within six hours of fulfilling graduation requirements for the AA degree, has taken the CAAP examination, has completed the six hours in English Composition and six hours in mathematics with grades of “C” or above and has the required quality point average may participate in graduation exercises. The student will receive his diploma after the completion of graduation requirements and a record of the work has been officially recorded in the Office of the Registrar.

All 3000 and 4000 level courses require junior standing and/or consent of the instructor.