Degree Programs/Majors

Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts degree provides two years of study in general education and offers many of the prerequisite courses needed for a Bachelor’s degree. The program focuses on mastering the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills necessary to continue your education in a four-year program. You will analyze, experience, and evaluate—and learn much about yourself in the process. Liberal arts students at Florida College experience a sense of warmth and closeness not equaled at larger institutions, while still receiving a broad range of sophisticated and challenging courses taught by a dedicated and qualified faculty. An Associate’s degree will enable you to transfer to a state university, private college, or continue at Florida College to earn a Bachelor’s degree in a specific field of interest.

Benefits of the Degree:

  • Satisfies your general education requirements, allowing you to concentrate on your major in your junior and senior years.
  • Exposes you to a broad variety of classes, equipping you to determine your interests and choose a major.
  • Helps you develop the skills needed to succeed in your college education and beyond.
  • Provides a great transition from high school and living at home to university life.