Degree Programs/Majors

Florida College offers a rigorous higher education, taught through the lens of a biblical worldview. Our degree programs emphasize academic excellence and rigor built upon the foundation of the inerrant Word of God.

Biblical Studies (B.A.)

The Biblical Studies program offers students intensive examination of biblical texts, languages and history, as well as systems of religious thought and the history of religious movements. The academic study of the Bible is blended with an emphasis on seeing and communicating the biblical message.

New Testament (B.A.)

This major provides a more intensive study of the New Testament as well as its literary, historical and cultural background, and requires a two-year minimum of New Testament Greek.

Biblical Education (B.S.)

The Biblical Education major is designed to provide a practical emphasis in the study of the Bible by combining it with components in Education and Communication. It is designed for those who are interested in developing their skills in teaching the Bible to children, or men who are interested in teaching the Bible, preaching or doing other evangelistic work.

Business Administration (B.S.)

The Business Administration program offers a range of business courses to prepare students for either a career in business or further graduate study. The program stresses theoretical, analytical, and practical skills to equip students for success in today’s business world.

Management Information Systems (B.S.)

Management Information Systems (MIS), the latest specialization in our business degree, enables students to effectively pursue a career in applying information technologies in business and government environments.

Specialization in Sports Management (B.S.)

The Sports Management specialization is designed to prepare students by focusing on developing skills and knowledge necessary for careers in the sports industry.

Communication (B.A.)

The Communication program allows students the flexibility to pursue either a career in communication or graduate study. Communication stresses the value of human relationships and teaches skills such as persuasion, argumentation, and presentation. The program emphasizes both applied theory and practical skills, and prepares students to be leaders in their chosen career paths.

Corporate & Organizational Communication (B.A.)

The Bachelor of Arts in Corporate & Organizational Communication offers a flexible choice for students interested in the more communication-oriented jobs in the business discipline. The program combines the study of communication with select courses in business.

Elementary Education (B.S.)

The Elementary Education program prepares students to be professional educators in public or private elementary schools. The major leads to certification for teaching grades K through 6, including an ESOL endorsement certifying that graduates have special training to teach students for who English is a second language.

English (B.A.)

This program provides students the opportunity to develop critical reading, thinking, analytical, and communication skills through the study of American, British, and world literatures, as well as English language studies.

History (B.A.)

Studying the past, especially the history of the Western Civilization and the United States, is foundational to an American liberal arts education. Focusing on social values, political institutions, intellectual forces, religious movements, and individuals constituting our exceptional heritage comprises an academic endeavor simply essential to helping our students understand how all disciplines of learning are interrelated.

American Civilization (B.A.)

This concentration is an interdisciplinary program of study that aims to ground students in the values and virtues of our American civilization, animating its basic elements and solidifying its foundations. Students graduating from the College with a degree in American Civilization will be trained in research, writing and critical/analytical thinking, while studying the contextual foundation for our society.

Liberal Studies (B.A.)

By emphasizing breadth of study rather than a single discipline, the Liberal Studies major encourages students to develop a broad understanding of a variety of disciplines, while they cultivate the abilities to read carefully, think critically, write precisely and speak effectively. Liberal Studies majors acquire a deeper understanding of the past, of contemporary life, of the relationship between the natural and social orders from both an academic and a biblical perspective. They also develop an appreciation for the traditions of the past, the peoples of the present, the opportunities of the future and the God who is over all.

Pre-Professional Health Science (B.A.)

Students preparing for medical school (or to pursue professional training in other health fields) can customize an interdisciplinary program of study within the Liberal Studies major, selecting relevant upper-division courses in such disciplines as Health Sciences and Behavioral Science, as well as Biblical Literature. This Bachelor of Arts degree program offers students a unique combination of flexibility as they prepare for the medical school application process and for the appropriate admissions examinations.

Pre-Law (B.A.)

Students preparing for law school can customize an interdisciplinary program of study within the Liberal Studies major, selecting relevant upper-division courses in such disciplines as English, History, and Communication, as well as Biblical Literature. This degree offers students rich and diverse liberal arts education that emphasizes reasoning, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Music (B.A.)

The bachelor’s in Music is a non-professional liberal arts degree for students who wish to study a general music curriculum. The program includes music theory, music history, conducting, music technology, applied music (private lessons), and participation in ensembles. Recipients of this degree may continue with graduate study in music, enter professional schools such as law or medicine, work in music-related fields such as publishing, retail business, recording, or arts management, or work in other fields not requiring a specific bachelor’s degree.

Music Education (B.S.)

The Bachelor of Science in Music Education prepares students to meet state certification requirements for teaching music at all levels in schools. In addition to the courses required for the liberal studies music degree, the B.S. in Music Education includes coursework in Professional Education and Music Education culminating in a semester-long internship. Graduation requirements include passing grades on three Florida Teacher Certification Exams: the General Knowledge Test, the Professional Education Exam, and the Subject Area Exam for Music K–12.

Associate in Arts

The Associate in Arts degree provides two years of study in general education and allows you to begin prerequisites for a bachelor’s degree. The program focuses on mastering the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills necessary to continue your education in a four-year program.