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Transferring Credits To Another College

Florida College offers excellent bachelor’s degree programs, but some students transfer to other colleges or universities to complete their education.

Florida College is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools as a bachelor’s degree granting institution which also continues to offer the associate in arts degree.  Thus, college credits earned at Florida College are transferable to any other accredited institution of higher learning in our country.  (Florida College also offers a Florida Department of Education state approved teacher education program.)

Transfer Credits are defined as:

  • Courses credits accepted by the receiving institution
  • Courses that have passing grades
  • Courses that appear on the student’s transcript at the receiving institution

Students need to plan carefully with their academic advisor in order to satisfy the requirements of the transfer institution.  Students and parents should be aware that problems in transferring credits generally arise from three areas:

  • If the student changes his/her major, certain courses completed may not be counted toward the new major.
  • If the student changes his/her mind about the school they will transfer to, there are often course policies at one school which are not required at another.
  • Grades of D or F are not normally transferrable for many courses, but will appear on the student’s transcript.

Again, students should work closely with their academic advisor in planning to transfer credits to other colleges or universities.