Students With Disabilities

Guidelines for Current Specific-Needs Students

  • Maintain close contact with the Advising Office (AO)
  • Comply fully with all treatment prescribed by your physician or other licensed health care professional
  • Keep the AO and course instructors up to date

    Maintain Close Contact with the Advising Office

    Each student with Specific-Needs Student status must meet with his or her AO advisor at the start of each semester to review all accommodations and to discuss the student’s progress at Florida College. It is the student’s direct responsibility to make an appointment with the AO to address this requirement. The appointment should be set to occur on orientation/registration day for each semester, even if the student is a returning student and does not participate in orientation. The student must make this appointment well in advance of the dates for orientation/registration each semester.

    Comply Fully With All Treatment Prescribed by Your Physician or Other Licensed Health Care Professional

    All SN students at Florida College must comply fully with all treatment prescribed for them by their health-care provider(s) in order to maintain their SNS status and to continue to qualify for accommodations.

    The reason for this rule is two-fold. First, most disabilities require an ongoing plan of treatment for proper management and best outcome. If a student is unwilling to comply with a prescribed plan to receive the best possible treatment, then in most cases accommodations will be of minimal value, and they will definitely not make up for the lack of professional care. Second, because the College’s resources are limited, we want to be sure that accommodations are provided to those students who are appropriate in their self-care and who are genuinely motivated to make the most of their educational opportunities. We believe that compliance with prescribed treatment is valid evidence of appropriate motivation.

    Keep The AO And Your Course Instructors Up to Date

    From time to time, the circumstances related to a student’s SNS status may change. Examples of such changes are a new diagnosis, a revised treatment plan, or a new prescription. Such changes may affect the nature of the accommodations needed by the student. Therefore, it is the student’s direct responsibility to inform the AO of any such change immediately, so that a review of accommodations can be conducted by the AO.

    For more information, contact the Florida College Advising Office at 813.988.5131 x270, or toll-free at 800.326.7655.