Name of Organization: State Department of Elder Affairs Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program

Description: We are a component to the Department of Elder Affairs and advocate for those living in long-term care facilities. Many Floridians live in adult family-care homes, assisted living facilities, or nursing homes. Our volunteers are a wealth of knowledge and support for those in long-term care facilities. This organization offers opportunities for those learning to manage the needs of health care recipients. The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program has initiated an intern program for such students in mind. Our usual mode of operation is to recruit members and retain them for years of service; however the world of volunteering is changing. By inviting interns into the program we can provide hands on experience and fulfill our duties as required.

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Deputy State Ombudsman for Recruitment and Public Relations


Internship Details: The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program appreciates all volunteers and their efforts to fulfill the mission:  Ensure the health, safety, welfare, and rights of Florida’s 160,000 plus long-term care facility residents.  This is done by identifying, investigating, and resolving complaints, promoting the enforcement of laws and regulations, and recommending policy to state and federal governments on long-term care issues.

Annual assessments of adult family care homes, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes provide residents with available ombudsmen to discuss their concerns or share positive experiences.  A requirement of 100% fulfillment of assessments is required in Florida annually.  The participation of interns in this duty will allow hands on experience for the participant as well as drive the fulfillment requirement to 100%.

While serving as a certified ombudsman the student would gain:

  • First-hand knowledge of participation and action within a committee/board as a member.
  • First-hand knowledge of resident rights in long-term care facilities.
  • First-hand knowledge of all activity in long-term care facilities.
  • First-hand knowledge of preparing assessment reports from the field.
  • First-hand knowledge of appropriate confidentiality and consent procedures relating to resident/patient protected health information (HIPAA).
  • First-hand knowledge of interaction with facility administration and nursing staff.
  • Classification of certified ombudsman serving the Ombudsman Program, Department of Elder Affairs, and the Governor.

Requirement for participation:

  • Applications to the intern program are to be received by add/drop of the preceding semester.
  • Applicants will be required to participate in a program orientation, interview with their district manager, and pass a level 2 background screening (FBI) for disqualifying offenses.
  • Upon passing the interview and screening process the intern would be required to complete training for certification as an ombudsman.
    • 5 online training modules
    • 1 in-class training modules
    • 3 in-field assessment trainings
    • Hours of training may be applied to the learning institutions hour requirements.
    • Attend monthly council meeting as a participating ombudsman during the internship.

Job Description:

  • The long-term care ombudsman is a specifically trained, certified volunteer for the State of Florida Long-Term Ombudsman Program.  The volunteer ombudsman intern serves in the primary role of facility assessor.  Their duties would focus on administrative assessments of facilities assigned to them and the documentation of findings in accordance to rules and policies.
  • Ombudsmen are required to attend their district monthly meeting to report activity.
  • The volunteer will directly report to the District Ombudsman Manager who is responsible to the Regional Ombudsman Manger, Deputy State Ombudsmen and the State Ombudsman.

Execution of Duties

  • Ombudsmen are allowed to work independently once certified.
  • Ombudsmen have the option to work in the district office or at home to complete documentation of assessments.
  • Documentation is a standardized form that is reviewed for quality and assurance by management.

Organization of Internship

  • The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program Recruitment Manager oversees the internship program.
  • The District Ombudsman Manager is direct supervisor of intern.
  • Submitted documentation of assessments is reviewed by the District Ombudsman Manager and tracked in the program’s general internal database.
  • Work product of intern would be the completion of facility assessments assigned to the individual and documentation of assessment.  A list of facilities will be provided to be completed within the internship timeline.
  • The intern would contribute to quorum of council, and would be counted as a participant with the ability to cast a vote that may come before the council.
  • The District Ombudsman Manager would confirm participation to Recruitment Manager and submit work product record.
  • The District Ombudsman Manager and Recruitment Manager would evaluate performance for final report to institution.
  • The District Ombudsman Manager and/or Recruitment Manager would execute the exit interview with intern.
  • The Recruitment Manager will provide intern with certification of completion and appreciation at the end of the internship and invite the ombudsman to remain on the council if there is a desire by the intern to do so.

Ombudsman training link:

This is the training that all ombudsmen are expected to take part in online.  It is a collection of information, rules, statutes, videos, and articles that pertain to the duties of a certified ombudsman.  This requirement is to be completed prior to the beginning of the internship as discussed in the overview.  Training hours can be applied to the internship hour requirements once certification is complete.