Florida College is a private, coeducational institution of higher learning where students are taught the liberal arts in the context of the Bible as the revealed will of God. The college offers bachelor’s degree programs in 17 majors and concentrations while also maintaining its long-standing Associate in Arts degree program.

First, Florida College provides a higher education with a biblical perspective by employing a qualified, caring faculty of Christians who integrate the Bible as the inspired word of God into the total college education and teach students to think critically, communicate effectively, and solve problems individually and collectively. Second, the college provides a unique environment for personal godly development teaching and exemplifying biblical principles of behavior in order to encourage spiritual growth and healthy living. Finally, Florida College prepares students for better service to their Creator and humanity by providing opportunities for students to develop qualities of leadership, cooperation, and creativity and encouraging students to love and serve the Lord first throughout their lives.

Justin Berss
Justin BerssBiblical Studies
Stuart Maness
Stuart ManessBusiness
Caleb Liggin
Caleb LigginCommunication
Amanda Williamson
Amanda WilliamsonEducation
Antonio Ruggiero
Antonio RuggieroEnglish
Abby Hopkins
Abby HopkinsSocial & Behavioral Science
David Bunting
David BuntingLiberal Studies
David Cluff
David CluffMusic
Erica Mackey
Erica MackeyScience and Math

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