Why Florida College?

Choosing a college is an important decision. We thought you might appreciate what makes Florida College different through the eyes of one of our distinguished professors, Dr. Thaxter Dickey.

I didn’t attend Florida College, but I’ve spent the last 33 years making up for it. I didn’t seek the opportunity to teach at Florida College, but it was providentially, I now believe, offered to me. And working here has been one of the best things ever to happen to me and to my family.

Over these years, I’ve seen what the College means to the young people who attend—I saw it with my own children. Some of the benefits are obvious. It is obvious that a young Christian who comes here will have the opportunity to study and play and grow close to some of the most spiritual young people in the world. And because that is an almost overwhelmingly wonderful blessing, it alone would make Florida College invaluable.

But that benefit could be found elsewhere. The opportunity of making friends with spiritual young people is not unique to Florida College, although many of the other opportunities to do so occur at the summer camps. What makes Florida College unique is not always obvious to the students; its uniqueness lies in its mission to provide a liberal arts education grounded in biblical principles. This is not just a slogan; it is vitally important, especially in an increasingly secular, humanistic world. And we take this mission seriously at Florida College.

There are many so called “Bible schools” that are either not really deeply biblical in their orientation to the sciences, history, or literature, or which do not take academics seriously. But at Florida College, all professors are vitally concerned with applying biblical principles to their academic disciplines and not just adding a few Bible passages or spiritual phrases to the lecture or reading back into the Scriptures the lessons they’ve learned in those academic studies. Instead, they are doing the arduous work of genuinely analyzing and interpreting academic issues from a biblical perspective and then sharing those lessons with the students in the classroom.

This, in addition to the social and spiritual atmosphere, is what makes Florida College the unique blessing that it is to those who attend here, and to those of us who work here.

Thaxter Dickey, Ph.D.
Professor of Behavioral Sciences