Campus Power Status – Updates Ongoing

Status Report #2 and Closeout The main campus power was shut down as planned at 5 p.m. tonight in order to complete repairs and we are happy to report an early and full service return at 8:30 p.m. this evening. We have begun restoring our IT network in an effort to restore Wi-Fi and email service ASAP. Thank you for everyone’s patience and cooperation. Campus Power Status Report #1 Background Over the weekend we experienced power variances on our main campus that has made it necessary to implement a controlled campus power shutdown in order to repair and restore full services to our buildings.  We are waiting until Tuesday afternoon so that classes will not be interrupted and also for a more favorable weather forecast. Currently, we have power for all essential activities including Henderson dining hall (normal hours), the Riverview student center and our campus water services through a large portable generator now on site. All dormitories have power and water. All facilities across the river surrounding the athletic complex and the FC Academy are not affected. Planned Shutdown Activity: In order to avoid an interruption of the class schedule, arrangements have been made to begin the repairs Tuesday at 4:30 pm. From that time until power is restored tentatively planned for Wednesday at 2:00 am, the campus will be without power except those areas with our backup generator power. We will have power for all food and water services as well as for the Riverview center. Certain security gates/doors will lock which may create some inconvenience. Again, electricity will not be available except within Henderson Hall and Riverview center until power is restored. Key Points: Although our residence halls will lose [...]

March 19th, 2018|

Keeley Slamans is living His way.

Throughout her time at Florida College, Keeley Slamans has taken full advantage of the connections and relationships the campus has to offer. Her parents encouraged her brothers and her to go to Florida College Chicagoland Camp every summer. This sparked her desire to develop lifelong relationships at the college. “Growing up going to camp, I saw people who loved Florida College and would take a week out of their summer to not only promote the school, but also to invest in our spiritual lives,” Keeley said. “I loved that the school was behind that and brought all those people together. I knew there was something special about this place.” Once she got to Florida College, Keeley was quick to jump into campus life, getting involved in Kappa Omicron and Alpha Club and becoming a resident assistant for Jennifer Hall. Her favorite part of her Florida College experience was traveling as a Camp Friend. She was able to network and build relationships with campers and counselors across the country. This network helped her in her career and in her spiritual life. “Camp Friends gave me the opportunity to share why Florida College is so special to me,” Keeley said. “If I had to emphasize the best thing Florida College provides, it is the ability to network—talking to people in your future career while also talking to people who care about your soul.” Keeley knew she wanted to major in business administration because she grew up watching her dad manage his own business and saw the relationships he built with his customers. As part of the program, Keeley needed to complete an internship, and her professor Paul Greiving was confident she would be a good fit at [...]

March 5th, 2018|