Jenny Clark, Class of 2006

After growing up in a family that loved music, Jenny (Camp) Clark (B.A. ’06) is now an experienced music teacher and is raising a family of her own with her husband, Evan Clark (B.A. ’06). Both of the Clarks are actively involved in supporting the school they hope their children will attend one day. Jenny has volunteered as a counselor at Florida College Texas Camp, and Evan serves on the board of the North Texas chapter of The Hutchinson Bell. "I would hope that we would be blessed with having any or all of our children attend Florida College,” Jenny said. Jenny and all three of her siblings attended Florida College and were involved in the music department. Each of the siblings have served as music educators, and three out of the four received their bachelor’s degrees in music from Florida College. "All of us benefitted so much from being in the music program because we were a musical family,” Jenny said. "We loved music growing up, but we were homeschooled, so we didn’t necessarily have all of the opportunities to perform for large audiences.” At Florida College, Jenny had the opportunity to perform in Hutchinson Auditorium as a member of the chorus and the chamber ensemble as well as in the annual musical production. In addition to being involved in the extracurricular programs offered by the fine arts department, Jenny spent her four years on campus working hard to earn a bachelor’s degree in music. Although she struggled with some of the core music classes, like Music Theory, she received the help she needed from professors who cared about her success. "I struggled a lot with some of my core classes, but I [...]

August 30th, 2016|

President’s Scholars Join Florida College Class of 2020

Eighteen President’s Scholars have joined Florida College’s freshman class for the fall 2016 semester. Each of the 18 President’s Scholars earned a 3.65 GPA or above in high school and at least a 32 on the ACT or a 1410 on the SAT. These achievements qualify each of the students to receive the president's scholarship from Florida College. Paul Casebolt, Florida College’s director of admissions and retention services, is thrilled to welcome these outstanding students to campus this fall. "We are excited to see such a large number of President’s Scholars in our incoming class, including a National Merit Semifinalist and National Merit Finalist,” Casebolt said. "It indicates that these high-caliber students, all of whom had several college options to consider, looked at the nature of the education we offer at Florida College and recognized both its rigor and value." High-achieving students like this year’s President’s Scholars come to Florida College for a rigorous academic experience and countless opportunities to grow spiritually, build meaningful relationships and make memories that will last a lifetime. "We look forward to seeing how these students contribute to our community of scholars at Florida College,” Casebolt said. The following students have qualified as President’s Scholars and joined the Florida College class of 2020: Abigail Alford Ethan Bingham Sean Bray Joshua Duke Brent Dyer Tyler Henderson Steven Johnson David Lancaster Samuel Lee Julie LeFort Jason Mallo Andrew Robin Emily Roche Joshua Sanders Denae Sink Mary Rose Stinson Tasha Whitsitt Abigail Wood Congratulations to these students on their outstanding academic achievements!

August 25th, 2016|

Florida College Hosts Faculty Appreciation Dinner

Florida College hosted the annual faculty appreciation dinner at the Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club on Tuesday, Aug. 16, to recognize this year’s faculty award winners and honor two retiring professors, Ray Hinds and Becky Barlar. At this annual event, Florida College recognizes the recipients of the Dean’s Award and the Special Service Award as well as the top-rated lecturing and activities professors. The recipient of the 2015-2016 Dean’s Award is Dr. C.G. “Colly” Caldwell (A.A. ’64), biblical studies faculty. Caldwell is a president emeritus and his experience makes him a valuable member of various faculty committees. He is devoted to his fellow faculty, Florida College, and most importantly, his God. The recipient of the 2015-2016 Special Service Award is Karen Witherington (A.A. ’80), English faculty. Witherington plays a key role in carrying the load of the English department and tirelessly helped with the mentoring work of the academic advising office. She is the definition of a humble servant. Florida College’s top-rated lecturing and activities professors are selected each year based on student evaluations and overall excellence. Factors considered by the students and reviewed by the dean’s office include mastery in the discipline taught, respectful treatment of student, classroom management, overall value of study and effective assessment of the course objectives. The top-rated lecturing professor for the 2015-2016 academic year is Todd Chandler (A.A. ’93). Chandler is the chair of the science and mathematics department, and this year, he was responsible for more than twice as many student credit hours as the faculty average and also served 31 advisees. Thanks to dedicated service from Todd Chandler, many Florida College students graduate from the pre-health program ready to pursue master’s and doctorate degrees. [...]

August 19th, 2016|

Faculty Spotlight: Loretta Atherton

August 12th, 2016|

Stuart Maness is learning His way.

Studying in the business administration program at Florida College gives Stuart Maness a variety of opportunities to learn and prepare for his future career. Whether he is attending business expos, practicing his interviewing skills or networking with business professionals, Stuart takes full advantage of those opportunities. "The business program has given me great opportunities to network and to be around professionals," Stuart said. "I’ve been able to really learn from them and see how they handle their businesses." One of Stuart’s favorite networking opportunities is provided through the Distinguished Speaker Series. Each year, Florida College invites individuals who are successful in their fields to address the student body and eat lunch with upper-division students as a part of the series. Several of the most recent guests have been business professionals. Stuart especially enjoyed getting to network and learn from Brian Haskett, a former partner and executive with IBM Global Services and current vice president and practice director for application development and maintenance organization at Ciber. When Stuart came to Florida College from Pennsylvania, he didn't realize the number of learning opportunities that would be available to him on campus. In fact, he intended to transfer to another institution after his freshman year. "My plan was to go to Florida College for a year and transfer," Stuart said, "but I ended up loving the people, loving my professors and just enjoying the overall college experience more than I would anywhere else." As a self-proclaimed extrovert, Stuart is actively involved on campus. He has been involved with the chorus, Rotaract Club, SBGA, Sower’s Club, Alpha Club and Camp Friends. He has participated in society activities with Zeta Phi Epsilon and Phi Sigma Chi. He has also [...]

August 2nd, 2016|