North Alabama Booster Club Hosts 2016 Winter Talent Showcase & Dinner

The North Alabama Florida College Booster Club hosted the annual Winter Talent Showcase & Dinner at Athens Bible School on Saturday, Jan. 9, 2016. The event was a huge success, raising $2,500 for student scholarships to Florida College! Despite the stormy weather, approximately 280 alumni and friends of Florida College attended the event, an increase from last year’s attendance. Guests enjoyed a casual, come-and-go meal from Swamp John’s Restaurants and Catering before the talent showcase and live auction. Florida College’s director of alumni relations, Adam Olson, was impressed with the event's results and credits the success to the hard-working volunteers who support the North Alabama Florida College Booster Club. "The group in north Alabama has done an excellent job of bringing Florida College friends and alumni together,” Olson said. "Many thanks to our youngest chapter president, Gavin Richardson, for his enthusiasm and to talent show coordinator, Scott Richardson, for his work as well. We are excited to see a younger generation take on key roles as they give back to the college through their service.” Florida College would like to thank Gavin Richardson, Scott Richardson, Marty Griggs and all the amazing volunteers who made this event possible.

January 19th, 2016|

Update on President Payne

President Payne’s heart health continues to improve after his recent heart attack, and despite the damaging impact to the left ventricle, his heart will return to normal function. After six weeks of recovery, President Payne met with his cardiologist and was informed that his left ventricle’s function has nearly returned to normal levels. President and Mrs. Payne and the cardiologist were all extremely pleased by this level of improvement. "We all expected improvement but not to this level this quickly,” Payne said. "However, when we factor into our thinking the thousands of prayers offered to our great God on my behalf, our surprise melts into humble thanksgiving for His providential care.” President and Mrs. Payne would like to thank the alumni and friends of Florida College for all the love, concern and prayers they have shared as President Payne recovers.

January 19th, 2016|

Carrie Nowlin is leading His way.

Carrie Nowlin is using her time at Florida College to learn to solve problems, build lifelong relationships and develop leadership skills. Carrie is a senior in the college’s business administration program and is currently serving as the first-ever social media director of the Royal Palm Yearbook staff. Carrie is interested in the business administration program because her studies cover a wide range of subjects that she believes will prepare her for graduate school and potentially a career in law enforcement. "Business administration gives a good groundwork for basically anything you want to do, and the degree program is really diverse in what they cover,” Carrie said. Much of Carrie’s work in the business program is focused on problem solving and understanding the difference between management and leadership. The skills she has learned in the classroom are already benefitting her in her role as the Royal Palm’s new social media director. The position was created in the fall, so Carrie is developing her responsibilities as the year progresses. “It’s brand new territory,” Carrie said. “It’s been a learning process, with a lot of trial and error.” Carrie's time at Florida College has provided her with a variety of opportunities to learn about leadership. From studying management in her business administration classes to developing a new position on the yearbook staff, Carrie is taking advantage of those opportunities. But ultimately, Carrie believes she can learn the most about leadership from studying God’s word. "I have always been very inspired by the story of Joshua,” Carrie said. "To be a good leader is to lead by example rather than command. Joshua exhibits this in his allegiance to God, and because he is a good leader, people [...]

January 5th, 2016|