Welcome, Florida College Friends!

Please welcome the members of this year’s Florida College Friends group: Nathan Shepard, Logan Alford, Abby Hopkins, Noah Diestelkamp, Natalia Restrepo Gutiérrez, Travis Smith, Jessie Tharp, Jacob Stringer and Harrison Reagan (pictured above, left to right). The group members were selected by a committee led by Adam Olson, Florida College’s director of alumni relations and the director of the Friends, after two days of auditions on Aug. 23 and Aug. 24. “I am excited about working with this group," Olson said. "Each student brings something unique and valuable.” The members have specific roles in the group based on their unique musical talents. Noah Diestelkamp, Natalia Restrepo Gutiérrez, Abby Hopkins and Jessie Tharp will all participate as vocalists. Harrison Reagan and Jacob Stringer will play guitar for the group. Logan Alford will be on bass, Travis Smith will play piano, and Nathan Shepard will be the group's drummer. The Friends will practice and perform at a variety of events throughout the year and travel across the U.S. for a fall tour and a summer tour. On their two annual tours, the Friends have the opportunity to meet Florida College alumni and friends from all over the country. “The purpose of this group is to engage students, parents and alumni and connect them to the mission and message of Florida College," Olson said. "For decades, Florida College students have impressed audiences with their talent and enthusiasm, and we look forward to another successful year!” Florida College is thrilled to have these students representing the school this year. Hometown: Folsom, California Year: Senior Major: Business Administration "I am most excited about Friends this year because we have a lot of diverse talent and I can't wait to see how [...]

August 27th, 2015|

Florida College Presents Dr. Tom Hamilton With Academic Regalia

Dr. Tom Hamilton (A.A. ’83) was presented with his academic regalia—a robe, cap and hood—during a ceremony honoring him for earning his doctorate degree. The ceremony was held after Florida College's chapel assembly on Wednesday, Aug. 26. After completing the necessary coursework and defending his dissertation, Hamilton graduated from Knox Theological Seminary with a doctorate degree in theological exegesis on May 15, 2015. Hamilton earned his associate degree from Florida College and his Bachelor of Arts degree from Abilene Christian. He has also earned a master’s degree in biblical languages from Abilene Christian in 1994 and a master’s degree in theological studies from Christian Theological Seminary in 1996. Following several years of schooling and full-time preaching, Hamilton returned to Florida College to teach in the biblical studies department in 2005. He just completed his tenth year teaching Greek, Hebrew and a variety of Old and New Testament classes. While teaching full-time at Florida College, Hamilton also preaches at the 58th Street church of Christ. Hamilton and his wife, Joy (’83), have been blessed with 10 children: Michael (B.A. ’09), Bethany (B.A. ’10), Philip (A.A. ’11), Sarah (A.A. ’12), Brian (B.A. ’17), Stephen, Aminata, Andrew, Jeff and Nick. They also have eight grandchildren. Florida College is blessed to count the Hamiltons among the Florida College family.

August 26th, 2015|

Florida College Will Host Dana Perino at Annual Leadership Dinner

Florida College will host guest speaker Dana Perino at the eighth annual Florida College Leadership Dinner at 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 24, 2015, at the A La Carte Event Pavilion. The Florida College Leadership Dinner is an event designed to promote ethical leadership and build relationships with members of the Tampa Bay business community. David Curry, Florida College’s chief advancement officer and the event’s coordinator, said the event also provides an opportunity for the college’s upper-division business students to learn from experienced guest speakers and network with local business leaders. “One of our goals is to expose local leaders to our business students in order to cultivate internship possibilities,” Curry said. “We have a tremendous group of students at Florida College, and we want to connect them with local business leaders.” The Leadership Dinner combines Florida College’s spiritually-based values with mainstream leadership principles in order to appeal to professionals from a variety of backgrounds. “We try to focus on a different demographic each year. Ethical leadership is important in any organization whether it be the military, the fast-food industry or the medical field,” Curry said. Perino has ties to both politics and journalism. She is a Fox News contributor and co-host of the top-rated cable news program, “The Five.” She also served seven years during the administration of former President George W. Bush and became the White House press secretary, representing the leader of the free world during a tumultuous time in America’s history. Perino’s work for the president provides a unique perspective on leadership and has produced valuable insight on how to train leaders. On Sept. 24, she will share three critical elements of good leadership: access, principles and loyalty, as she [...]

August 25th, 2015|

Florida College Welcomes New Employees

As we start the fall semester, Florida College faculty and staff are beginning the work of the new academic year. The Florida College family is pleased to welcome 13 new full-time employees filling vacant roles for the 2015-2016 school year: Darby Bacci has a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary social sciences with an emphasis on American history and humanities. She has also gained work experience in customer service. Darby will be joining our staff as a library technical assistant. Mike Benson (’97), from Temple Terrace, Florida, has extensive experience in Texas public schools, where he served as a teacher and an assistant principal. Mike will serve as a professor in Florida College’s elementary education program and as an assistant principal at Florida College Academy. Alli Gibson (B.S. ’15) is a recent Florida College graduate from Prattville, Alabama. She will be putting her bachelor’s degree in elementary education to work teaching fifth grade at Florida College Academy. Brian Gilliam has worked in upper-management roles and served in the Anaheim Union school district. His combination of professional and classroom experience will benefit Florida College students as he joins the faculty of the business program. Tim Hanlon (B.S. ’09) played for the inaugural Florida College men’s soccer team, coached both the men’s and women’s teams in 2009, and led the women’s team to their most successful season in 2010. This year, Tim will return to Florida College as the women’s soccer coach. Aubrey Henson (’98) grew up in California but traveled to Florida to attend Florida College in 1997. Now a Florida resident, Aubrey sends her children to Florida College Academy and has agreed to serve as the school’s receptionist. Dr. Minghui Liu is a native of [...]

August 20th, 2015|

President’s Scholars Choose Florida College

Five President's Scholars have joined Florida College’s freshman class this fall! Sloan Hastings, Alexander Mitchell, Cassie Miller, Nolan Baker and Jacob Britnell (pictured above, left to right) will receive president's scholarships from Florida College for their academic achievements. Each President's Scholar earned a 3.65 GPA or above in high school and at least a 32 on the ACT or a 1410 on the SAT. High-achieving students like this year’s President's Scholars come to Florida College for a rigorous academic experience and an opportunity to build lifelong relationships and grow spiritually. Sloan Hastings is from Temple Terrace, Florida, and graduated from C. Leon King High School. He will be in the pre-law program at Florida College and hopes to pursue a career as an attorney. Sloan is also interested in joining a society, student government, Alpha Club and Rotaract. “I chose Florida College in part because every student I have ever talked to has enjoyed their experience here.” Alexander Mitchell is from Wesley Chapel, Florida. He plans to attend Florida College for two years and then transfer to another school to major in chemical engineering. Alexander would like to join a society and is also considering joining CREST Club. “As a Freshman here, I am most excited about meeting new people who will hopefully become close friends and also about learning science from a biblical perspective as opposed to the way it is taught in high school.” Cassie Miller is a freshman from Bloomington, Illinois. She is currently a member of the Florida College cross-country team and is planning to play society sports as well. Cassie hopes to earn a bachelor’s degree in biblical education and become a wife and stay-at-home mother. “This year, I [...]

August 19th, 2015|

Abby Hopkins is learning His way.

Abby Hopkins wanted to come to Florida College because of the friendships she had formed at Florida College summer camps. Now that she is a student, she is building the same lifelong relationships with both her peers and her professors. Although Abby came to Florida College as a communication major, she switched to the history program after her first class with Dr. Brian Crispell, Florida College’s academic dean and history professor. She was already interested in history, but Dr. Crispell helped her explore potential career options so she felt like she could actually pursue her passion. “Dr. Crispell just held my hand through the whole process and opened doors for me and helped me understand things that I wouldn’t have understood otherwise,” Abby said. But Dr. Crispell isn’t the only professor who has taken an interest in Abby’s success. She has also been privileged to develop friendships with Adam Greiving, Dr. Thaxter Dickey and Dean Jason Longstreth, among others. According to Abby, having professors who care about you makes learning a much more personal experience. “It’s encouraging having people that care about my personal life as well as my academic career,” she said. Last year, Abby worked as Dr. Dickey’s secretary and as a supplemental instructor for Dr. Crispell’s American History course, and she will serve as a supplemental instructor for Dr. Crispell’s Western Civilization course this year. These on-campus jobs have been great opportunities to continue to develop relationships with a couple of her favorite professors and learn some along the way. Abby also participates on campus as a member of Zeta Phi Epsilon, though she mostly focuses her efforts on helping to boost the group’s GPA rather than competing as an [...]

August 6th, 2015|