Record Participants Volunteer at Labor Camp

A total of 104 participants volunteered at this year's Labor Camp, beating last year’s record of 94 participants. Over the course of the week, the volunteers completed the equivalent of approximately $63,000 of labor for the College. This year’s Labor Camp participants completed variety of projects to improve campus: Cleaning the elementary education building, the Hailey-King building, the Akin building, Chatlos Library and Jennifer Hall Pressure washing the Riverwalk Amphitheatre and River Road Painting Boswell Hall, Jennifer Hall, the administration building, Chatlos Library and River Road Landscaping at Henderson Dining Hall, Society Circle, Graduation Walk, the Riverwalk Amphitheatre, College Hall and Palm Plaza Restaining the gazebo and Hammontree benches Cutting and framing a new window for the A/V room in Puckett Auditorium Hanging new speakers and building a desk in Puckett Auditorium Building a wall in the administration building Florida College’s director of alumni relations Adam Olson was thrilled with the volunteer turnout as well as their efforts. "Labor Camp continues to be a testament to the spirit of service that characterizes Florida College,” Olson said. “We are humbled and inspired by this amazing core of volunteers and their love for Florida College." Florida College would like to extend a special thanks to the dedicated volunteers who participated in Labor Camp. To view photos from the week, visit Florida College’s Facebook page.

June 29th, 2015|

Florida College Students Win Best-Strategy Invitational

Two Florida College students won the grand championship at the May 2015 GLO-BUS Best-Strategy Invitational. The Florida College team, Digivolve, consisted of Nathan McNabb (B.S. ’15) and Jeffrey Striedel (B.S. ’15). The Florida College students won their industry group of nine teams and recorded the highest overall score in the international competition. McNabb and Striedel were invited to participate in the competition after winning the GLO-BUS simulation exercise completed in the business administration program at Florida College. Paul Greiving, the chair of the business department, uses the competition as a teaching tool during his strategic management course and commented on the students’ efforts during the classroom simulation. "Nathan and Jeff were insightful and unusually persistent as they worked through the GLO-BUS simulation in the spring," Greiving said. “I have no doubt those skills helped them as they competed in the international BSI competition." McNabb and Striedel won the grand championship with an overall score of 115, which included six bonus points earned by successfully forecasting the tactical moves of their competitors—the result of significant persistence throughout the two-week competition. "We pinpointed prime competitors and stayed on top of them," Striedel said. "We spent at least eight hours each day just to know how the market would move and how we needed to position ourselves." McNabb and Striedel agreed that the business program at Florida College helped prepare them for the competition, and Greiving felt their knowledge of a breadth of disciplines was a primary factor in their success. "Every student [in the business program at Florida College] must take at least one course in each business discipline–accounting, finance, marketing, business law, management–as part of the academic regimen," Greiving said. "The GLO-BUS simulation requires [...]

June 23rd, 2015|

Class of 2015 Graduates From Florida College

Florida College’s class of 2015 was the largest four-year class in its history, boasting 79 bachelor’s degree graduates, up from last year’s 66 graduates. Florida College has been actively developing four-year programs since 2001 and currently offers 17 different options across eight disciplines. The most popular choice is the business administration program, which also offers an emphasis in either sports management or management information systems. This year, 29 students graduated from Florida College with a Bachelor of Science in business administration. While growing programs and record graduating class sizes may be exciting, Florida College is not about size at all. Students at Florida College are encouraged grow academically and spiritually in a wholesome environment, regardless of class size. Lauren Tharp graduated with the class of 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in history and expressed her appreciation for her time spent at Florida College. "Florida College helped me grow in every way," Tharp said. "I was able to get a challenging education in an encouraging environment and make deep, long-lasting connections with other people.” Like Tharp, Florida College alumni continue to appreciate and support their alma mater in various ways from all across the nation.

June 11th, 2015|

Hannah Finley is learning His way.

Hannah Finley is a junior at Florida College, where she has excelled academically, built lifelong relationships and grown in her faith. These were all part of her life before college, when she was homeschooled. But for Hannah, being at Florida College was not only an easy transition; it was a place where she could cultivate her talents and interests, make new friends, and most importantly to her, benefit from being surrounded by Christians. According to Hannah, not all colleges host this kind of environment. She recalls the two courses she took at a community college before attending Florida College: “I went for three hours a week, but I felt lost. I mean, I literally got lost. And I didn’t know who to talk to or ask questions of. Teachers would come and go, and I didn’t feel comfortable approaching them at all. I was intimidated." At Florida College, Hannah has enjoyed personal relationships with each of her professors, whom she credits as being “helpful and providing guidance and understanding.” Hannah is enrolled in the liberal studies program, where she studies components in physical education, behavioral science and business, and hopes to be the latest of many Florida College students to be accepted into graduate schools. Hannah has embraced campus life as well. She played collegiate basketball and even had the opportunity to play in the national tournament and sing the national anthem at the event. Hannah also joined a society and her closest friends are the girls who live and study around her. “I love being in the dorms where there are 15 girls living right next to you who can become your best friends,” she said. “It doesn’t feel too different from [...]

June 1st, 2015|