PJ Anderson is leading His way.

As a freshman aspiring preacher, PJ Anderson envisioned himself attending Florida College for two years, taking every available Bible course, then moving on to pursue preaching. “I thought I would eventually figure out a lot of these things on my own,” he said. “But studying the Bible here has been worth it. The things I’ve learned from sitting at the feet of these professors would have taken me 10 years to figure out by myself.” Anderson also views his time studying at Florida College as a continual test in self-discipline and determination. “You won’t take the time to study some of these things by yourself, and I think the professors know that, and they push you.” Being pushed, he says, is part of why he holds these past three years as so valuable — for his academic and career preparation, but also in his personal development. “At first, it kind of scared me. If I don’t have the discipline to work through all of this now, how am I going to do that in my career?” Having acquired the discipline needed to graduate with the College’s notoriously time-consuming Biblical studies degree, Anderson is on track to graduate this spring. But his program is not the only thing he has found time-consuming in his three years. He served as a captain and starting forward for the men’s soccer team, where, according to Coach Saif Alsafeer ‘12, his ability and leadership proved to be invaluable. “PJ was a critical piece of our success this year,” said Alsafeer. “He leads by example with his playing ability and his character…he has let a great example for our future captains to follow, and he will be missed.” Academically, [...]